5 Reasons why small
and medium-size companies vying
for Full Stack Developer

August 9, 2019
In recent years, the employment market has shifted profoundly in favour of technically qualified skilled full stack developers. This is because – full Stack developer seems to be the best resource who can handle all different layers of application development — whether it is to develop an enterprise application, ensure top-notch performance of applications, modernize current application system, or building a way to a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) within a stringent deadline.

The beauty of having full stack developer in your team is that — he can handle all layers of application development — from the front end, middle or back end or working on the business layer as well.

Now, let us look at the war for talent – for full stack developers.

As per the latest research reports, there is about 300% increase in the demand for full-stack developers from 2017 to 2019 and it shows the increasing demand for multifaceted skills in the market. In this scenario, a market driven by tech talent, companies are struggling to attract quality full stack developers to drive their business forward and stand ahead in the market.

Let us understand why companies are vying for full stack developers and full stack programmers. Here’s what they had to say.

1.Faster development process

Full-stack developers are experts and aware of different tools, technologies, and techniques. These full stack techies are smart enough to leverage all these tools and technologies in the right context and time. Essentially, the full stack developer will be able to complete the projects in short span of time – as compared with typical pyramid resource model — without much dependency with other technical talents. As full stack developer is well-versed in across the application development and project life delivery cycle, they will need less time discussing and collaborating with the team over the project to make the delivery in time.

2. End-to-end technical competency

Full stack techies are experts who come with hands-on development and practical knowledge of the latest technology. The full stack developer carries a wide range of technical expertise and ready to learn quickly any new ones as and when needed. Eg: HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Java/.NET/PHP, Angular, MySQL, Node, MongoDB, Apache, AWS, Azure, etc. Most of them will have the basic knowledge to work with design, animations, graphics and many other custom tools which will enable them to manage projects end-to-end — with minimal dependency with others.

3. Real-Time problem-solving skills

Companies always look for candidates who are problem solvers and capable of solving any challenge related to project delivery and drive towards a solution. And, here comes Full-stack developers who are competent to handle every single aspect of the project delivery. Full stack developers are experienced and able to provide a practical solution for small, medium and large enterprises.

4. Cost Saving

All in one box!!

A full-stack developer can build all aspects of a project and so, there is no need to form a team of experts. This full stack techie will easily take care of the project single-handedly. The result is, saving multiple layers of cost heads from recruitment to salary, bonus and what not.

5. Management skills and Industry updates

To run the forefront of the digital era, companies wanted to have people on board who have management skills and latest industry updates — and the full stack techies are known for that.

These full stack techies are individual performers who can interact with anyone in the system and get the job done.

The real war is on for the right full stack techies…

In order to attract the right technically talented full stack developers and hard-core hands-on programmers, small and medium companies are willing to persuade them with high emoluments – salary, stake options, flexible work time, work from home and many more options to entice the best of the best on their teams.

In summary, whatever the companies do to attract these full stack developers – it’s still worth.

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