8 Reasons Why There Is An Increasing Demand For Full Stack Java Developers In 2022

Page Updated On September 23, 2022

10 Reasons To Build a Full-stack Python Development Company

Page Updated On September 23, 2022
Full Stack Java Developer
A full stack Java developer possesses the capability of developing diverse applications from scratch. This programming language is easy to write, compile, and debug, leading to fast and easy development of apps. From simple to complex apps such as scientific applications, Java is a default option for such development.

It has resulted in Java being ranked 3rd most popular programming language as per TIOBE Index in 2022. According to Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developer Survey, Java is preferred by 33.27% of developers as their programming, scripting, and markup language.

Google frequently removes low-quality material from its app store, so the actual number of applications keeps fluctuating. If you want to make a mark with your Android app, then you need to have a brilliant mobile app idea and access to the team that can provide life to that idea. Developing an Android app means entering into a new world of tough competition. One mistake can cost you the game.

Your app may be innovative in terms of concept, but if there isn’t a market demand for it, you’ll struggle to attract downloads. Your journey of launching a successful business app starts when you hire an Android coder. The right app development team can help you expand your foot in the market. If you choose to hire an Android developer from India, you’ll be provided with world-class Android app development services. 

A web full stack developer is capable of completing projects with skill and competence, leveraging decades of work experience to give the best possible outcome for the client. A business can gain a competitive edge by working with a full stack Java developer. They are considered specialists who may also function as technical directors because they deeply understand a development project. When it comes to propelling a new software project to greater heights of success, these experts have the authority to make decisions. That’s why a business can obtain desired results by engaging with a Java full stack engineer.

Let us look at 8 reasons why there is an increasing demand for full-stack Java developers in 2022:

A full-stack Java developer can handle the overall aspect of a development process. These developers have mastered front-end and back-end skills and have adequate knowledge of databases and related skills. With Java, a business can surpass the limits of development.

As per W3Techs, Java is used by 4.1% of all websites across the globe. Despite being a 26-year-old programming language, 90% of Fortune 500 companies still uses it in 2022.

It is because Java is one of the most flexible programming languages and keeps up to date regarding the latest trends and technologies. In the fast-evolving era, a full-stack engineer can execute various needs and requirements of a business. So, let’s further evaluate the top eight reasons why the demand for such programmers is increasing in 2022 and will continue to do so in the future.
Full Stack Java Developer

1. Technical Expertise

A full-stack Java developer is an individual equipped with a broad knowledge of technical skills. They are familiar with various programming languages and have a thorough understanding of both front-end and back-end technologies. The front end, also known as the presentation layer, is directly accessible to the end users. A full stack engineer can utilize HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and various JavaScript libraries to build user-friendly interfaces for apps. These developers are also skilled with the back-end, also known as the logic layer. Apart from Java, full stack programmers can implement Python, Ruby, PHP, and C, among other languages, to create innovative applications.

Full Stack Java developers who are experienced can handle all the aspects of the development process with ease.

In 2022, there are more than 8 million Java programmers worldwide.

Still, the need for a full-stack Java developer continues to grow. This shows the immense popularity and usefulness of this programming language. A business can significantly scale and develop modern web and mobile applications with Java. This language can also be utilized with the new cloud computing models like serverless and FaaS apps. Therefore, a business can establish its stable presence in the industry by conducting a proper full stack developer hiring from a reliable company like AIMLEAP; a business can establish its stable presence in the industry.

2. Versatility

A web full stack developer is an all-rounder. They are a storehouse of knowledge and understand multiple aspects of development, like developing the backend and editing the UI. Full stack developers are considered the most versatile profession in the software development industry. They can quickly execute the client and service sides of app development. This indicates that a full stack engineer can handle databases, API, servers, and different version-controlling systems apart from the front-end and back-end.

A full-stack Java developer not only contributes to the development process but also handles the whole DevOps operations of the project. One of the core aspects of Java is that the programming language itself is one of the most versatile to exist to date. This high-level language can be used for various application development. They can also be used to build reliable and secured cloud storage software. A business can tremendously benefit from hiring a developer skilled in Java. A web full stack developer can develop practical applications and is well-versed in the project management aspect of the work. Because of the multiple advantages and the high scope of flexibility, a full-stack Java developer is in high demand.

3. Adaptability

Full-stack Java developers are adaptable and can work well with the changing demands of a project. They learn new skills and stay updated on the fast-changing technology landscape. It is one of the major reasons why the demand for a full-stack Java developer is increasing daily. Full-stack developers can adapt to new technology or new working conditions when working on a project. This key skill is an advantage for a company that can add a full-stack engineer to their new or existing project team. The development process can be conducted without hassle with little to no change.

A web full stack developer can also work individually or in a team. They can also guide new members if working on a team project. Their greatest strength lies in working with changing technology or even the project’s scope and can deliver quality work. With Java, such developers can craft applications with high cross-platform interoperability. A full-stack Java developer can easily work with a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to deliver quality results. Therefore, a business can gain the upper hand with full-stack developer hiring.

4. Cost-Effective

Using Java, a business can develop web apps, games, enterprise apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and many other software or apps. A full-stack Java developer possesses adequate knowledge and skills of full-stack technology to deliver the desired result. Since Java is a system-level programming language, a business can gain more control and lower the overall cost of development. Furthermore, when a business has a budget constraint, the efficient solution is outsourcing full stack developers is the efficient solution.

Outsourcing has proven to lower the development cost by 40-60%, proving worthwhile instead of hiring an in-house developer team.

A full stack engineer can replace a team of three and take full ownership of a project. These developers prove to be cost-effective for companies looking to spend less on their employees’ salaries. A web full stack developer has a diverse knowledge of many programming languages, databases, APIs, and servers. Full stack developers can easily replace a separate front-end or back-end developer as they can execute the entire development independently. For a business to gain a complete cost-effective solution, outsourcing from an experienced company like AIMLEAP can prove to be ideal for boosting their business.

5. Accountability

Full stack developers play a crucial role in developing futuristic applications or software. A business can benefit from creating such innovative applications by hiring the right full-stack Java developer. Such a developer is responsible for planning, developing, designing, and managing Java-based applications. Since Java is a widely used programming language, the demand for Java full stack developers keeps increasing. These developers’ roles within an organization are not limited to a project. They also oversee and guide other Java developers if and when required.

A full stack engineer takes complete ownership of the whole project. They are much more accountable and dependable and can be trusted to deliver the project on time. From implementing different project life cycle stages to using diverse technology, full stack developers excel at all. Their ability is outstanding in handling distinct stages of development, identifying bugs and rectifying errors, and ensuring smooth deployment. Experience smooth full stack developer hiring by outsourcing from AIMLEAP. Leverage the best brains in the industry and ensure quality outcomes of your development.

6. Effective Troubleshooting

A full stack Java developer is capable of analyzing software or application by testing their code. Since they have full-fledged knowledge in full stack, they can easily understand every active layer of a project. These developers also understand how the code works for the user; therefore, they can identify and fix errors promptly. A web full stack developer invests time in conducting thorough software analysis and testing. Moreover, by having proper development, they can identify the possible error area. Therefore, by taking action beforehand, a full stack engineer saves not only time but also money.

For a business, having well-maintained apps are integral so that users can have a consistent experience. A full stack Java developer evaluates software from time to time and debugs software to keep it optimized. Implementing various diagnostic and monitoring tools elevates diagnosing performance issues in an app, such as memory leaks. Full stack developers conduct in-depth research and utilize many tools to understand any error code or related issue. Because of their diverse skill sets, they can find and troubleshoot any bugs that may arise in a simple, fast, and effective manner, leading to the increasing demands of Java developers.

7. Upgradation

Java is a safe and maintainable programming language that helps in the feasible development of various software applications. Its portable nature allows one program to move from one system to another without hassle. This platform-independent language provides a vast library and different tools that can be used for developing innovative apps. A full stack Java developer implements their knowledge and skills to create web and mobile apps, CMS, games, and other software. They possess information about the latest technological trends in the market and also keep their skill sets upgraded.

A business can rapidly benefit by hiring a web full stack developer from an experienced company like AIMLEAP. They can easily scale up or down any project efficiently as per requirements. Since a full stack engineer keeps up with the latest trends, they can be entrusted with upgrading the current project as per the latest business demands. It is one of the reasons why the demand for a full stack Java developer keeps increasing. Businesses can build products they have always wanted by engaging with such developers. Such programmers not only incorporate the latest tools and technology, but also timely upgradation to products.

8. User Experience

Maintaining consistent user experience is one of the focal points of businesses to maintain a loyal customer base. If a business uses an app that frequently glitches or is not secure, it will easily lose its value in the marketplace. Outsourcing a full-stack Java developer is an ideal decision to avoid negative implications for a business. Full Stack Java developers have a bigger picture of the whole project and will look to maximize the user experience for a product. A web full stack developer will design a user-friendly, responsive user interface for engaging interaction by catering to the audience’s needs.

A full stack engineer also gets actively involved with the design and contributes to the maintenance of the app or the website they develop. A full stack Java developer develops an app that improves user experience or software apps, websites, or mobile apps by focusing on Java User Interface design. These developers understand different Java APIs that provide classes and interfaces for dynamic user experience. Since full stack programmers can develop and maintain apps as well as design and debug, their importance in the software development industry will keep growing in the future.

A full-stack Java developer utilizes a wide range of tools and frameworks for software development. Before wrapping up, let’s take a quick look at some popular Java skills required to be a well-versed developer.

5 most popular Java Frameworks

Full Stack Java Developer

1. Spring

The Spring framework is a powerful, lightweight application development framework in Java. It helps in any Java app development, especially web applications.

2. Struts

Struts is an enterprise-level framework that allows us to build easy-to-maintain Java applications.

3. Hibernate

Hibernate is a stable object-relational mapping framework for Java. It allows easy communication between Java programming language and relational database management systems (RDBMS).

4. Grails

This dynamic framework enhances developer productivity, helps build the own plugins, and is mainly used in e-Commerce sites.

5. Vaadin

Vaadin is a web application framework focused on UX accessibility. It automates all communication between the browser and server, simplifying web app development.

5 in-demand additional skills for Java developers in 2022

1. Spring Framework

A full stack engineer can utilize this modular framework that allows real-time assessment of the development process and is widely used in Enterprise Java (JEE).

2. Android + Kotlin

Knowledge of Kotlin is valuable since this language is widely used for developing Android applications.

3. Java + JavaScript stack

Possessing an adequate understanding of Java along with JavaScript stack is crucial in 2022. With JavaScript stack knowledge, it becomes easier for developers to maintain linear data structure in the development process.

4. DevOps tools

DevOps tools like Git, Jira, and Gradle, among others, help make the development process easier for Java developers.

5. Unit testing – JUnit

This regression testing framework is used by developers to enhance programming speed and increase the quality of code, which is why it’s a must-have skill for Java developers.


Java is one of the oldest and most secure programming languages that exist to date. This high-level and platform-independent language helps create a wide variety of software that can help a business scale its function. Working with a full-stack Java developer is a wise decision in the digital era since these developers have completely diverse skill sets. Their understanding of front-end and back-end technology, along with other aspects of programming, provides them an added advantage. Since Java is economical, it is preferred by many businesses. A full stack engineer is, therefore, able to implement various frameworks and technologies to develop the products required by a business.

A web full stack developer is skilled in technical knowledge, is versatile, and possesses the ability to adapt as required. Outsourcing full-stack Java programmers is an added advantage for a business since they can save time and money. The increasing demand for full-stack Java developers is also because of their understanding of every aspect of the functioning of an application. They are dedicated and are involved in every stage of the software development process. It is the reason these developers are going to be in demand in the near future. Hire experienced and certified Full Stack Java Developers from AIMLEAP to experience scalable app development.

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