How to hire full-stack developer – 7 Points to Remember

7 points to remember to hire a full stack developers

It’s indisputable that full-stack developers will play a paramount role in IT and ITES industry – to meet businesses demand in agile delivery. Recruiting top quality full-stack developers has never been easy instead, it has become more challenging in recent days. Today, we can find a tremendous increase in demand for full-stack developers and the same is impacted in investment of companies in training normal developers into full-stack developers.

Here are a number of approaches that recommend to succeed hiring full-stack developers.

1. Set Hiring Process:

In this digital IT transformation and global era, companies want to tap into a much more diverse talent pool. First, set a base – and having clarity on what kind of talent is needed; and the entire process of hiring to be aligned.

Once there is clarity on the hiring process – tools to be leveraged and area of manual intervention — execution of the hiring process will be reasonability easy. For example, AI chatbot can be leveraged in hiring process by engaging candidates at the start of the process using a question-answer conversation. This conversation can help determine whether prospects meet minimum expectation before proceeding to the next steps.

2. Technical Tests and Skill Checks

One key challenge in hiring is figuring out whether candidate is capable of business understanding, logical thinking, problem solving and programming skills what they say – and what they can do. Based on the old school of hiring, technical panel had to spend hours-long discussions, scripting tests and evaluations. Though it is recommended to explore tools available that can measure a candidate’s programming skills, it is equally important to take time to check cultural and behavioural fitment and adherence to timely delivery of candidate – in real sample project before hiring.

3. Build an Integrated Training Engine:

Today, supply of full-stack developers is quite challenging, and it is good to look at internal in-house employees and run regular training program for upskill employees – technical and behavioural area.  The training to include tested sample projects along with evaluation mechanism to check the final outcome of the training program.  This program should focus on the technical, cultural and social norms exhibited by your employees. It is because — most of these full-stack techies are working with developed brains of people – located in different part of the world.

4. Leverage smarter Tools:

Companies have started implementing with online and AI supported tools to identify high-quality full-stack developers much more efficiently than they could on their own. The tools can even recognize the qualities that predict success and failure of a potential full-stack developer hire. Today, online and machine learning algorithm can analyse a decade of candidate’s data in one go instead considering the recent experience.

5. Test on the ground – practically before hiring:

Though there are multiple AI based tools available in the market to test the programming and other required skills, good to test with real time experience in scripting, development, logical thinking, behavioural approach and other needful ones before rolling out offer.

6. Expanded Onboarding Experience:

International opportunities for full-stack developers are increasing than ever before and talented pools to seek out the best openings around the world. It is important to provide a consistent employee experience in the entire hiring process, employee engagement and retention to make an integral component of everyday business operations.

7. Periodically Measure Outcomes:

Once implemented, online tools and human intervention require careful and frequent assessment and periodic refinement. Periodic refinement of hiring process – the entire hiring value chain- helps to ensure onboarding high quality full-stack developers.

Hiring the top quality full-stack developers is always priority of executives and a challenge in the corporate world. And, the best part of on-boarding high quality full-stack developers is that — they can manage all layers of IT application development — the front end, middle or back end or on the business layer as well.

Business can’t move ahead without hiring the right talent and for that, companies need an integrated approach with ability to — apply tools in the qualification process, provide compelling engaging experience, and retain great talent.

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