Five Key Reasons to Build a Mobile App

Page updated on : August 19, 2019
In this digital disruption era, smart devices – including smartphone, smartwatch and other voice-driven devices are exploding and reached across the customer touch points. These smart devices with various modes of interaction – voice, touch, touch, gestures, etc. provide expanded experience to customers.

Latest reports says, customer downloaded 194 billion apps in 2018 and global app store consumer spend is $101 billion in 2018, about 75% increase from 2016.

Mobile consumed 62% of global digital advertise spend in 2018, and it is about 50% increase from 2017.

No one can keep the above data points aside; and here are the top five benefits of building mobile app for your business.

1. Reachable to Customers at All Times

Based on the latest reports, customer average spend in mobile is three hours in a day. This means – a world of opportunity is open to reach to your customers unconsciously and move from there. Using app, it is easy to provide custom offers, info, price, order form, search features, messengers, news feeds, and much more – everything with a personalized and contextualized experience.

• Open Direct World of Marketing Channel

According to Statista report in 2018, 52% of worldwide website traffic was via mobile phones.

Mobile app can help providing all the information to your customers – seasonal sales and promotions at their fingertips always. Through various custom notifications, getting closer to a customer touch point and purchase decision is always on. Also, can easily remind customers about products and services based on their demographic data and other web browser history – a more accurate and personalized sales proposition.

• Increased Customer Engagement

Irrespective of the type of business you are in, customers need a way to reach you. A help desk system in your app really makes a world of difference in customer engagement. Today, customers prefer to communicate with you via text message than via phone.

Though it is a fact that web browser continuing to hold and serve as the most popular customer touchpoint; mobile apps are on the rise.

• Add-on Value to Customers

Consumers increasingly access to websites through smart devices — including smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices rather than desktop systems today. Almost every business is gearing up their mobile strategy and provide multiple custom offers. Apps have become a reward center instead a point-of collection of card details. Eventually, increased app downloads, leads to building loyal customers and sales growth.

• Branding

Being at the customer touch point – a mobile app can greatly contribute and build brand. It is evident that, the more customers tangled with an app, the sooner they will be persuaded to buy products and services.

Ability of small- and medium-size companies to build and leverage mobile apps as a marketing channel is critical to stand ahead in competition today. The small and medium size companies have access to – do it yourself mobile app platform — with many custom and latest features and can reach to customers like a large enterprise without spending much on it. Also, it is paramount to integrate unique features with mobile apps and provide unique experience and benefit to your customers to stay them with you for long.

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