The Challenge

A US based energy provider with their complex system, sub optimized processes had challenges for business expansion. The company wanted a collaborative business operations model and build synergy among its businesses, partners and teams.

Replacing disparate and legacy applications, the company was looking for a unified, flexible and streamlined system to reduce their operational cost.

Our Approach

FullStack Techies analysed the current system and future state of business expansion road map and modernized the legacy mainframe platforms and accelerated a move to cloud.

Leveraging agile methodology ensured speed and quality of process. With cloud extensible solution, built a flexible system on which applications support seamlessly across all company’s geographies.

Also, leveraging automation, FullStack Techies build a semi-automated process and streamlined the system improving operational efficiencies.

Collaboration across Business Operations Improves Application Performance

A global operating model enabled to build a collaborative and unified system. Using agile methodology, speed and agility was improved. Automation helped streamline the process and reduced operation cost. Transformation in applications management system helped the company to expand its business operations to multiple geographies.