Case Studies

Digital IT Solution Accelerates Process Agility & Efficiency

The Challenge:

A leading media & technology company in US had challenges in managing changing application landscape and increasing IT incidents that affected business and customer satisfaction. Increasing operational cost and Infrastructure-related changes were common.

Also, the company wanted to streamline its IT management process by replacing the company’s inefficient, inaccurate—manual process with a digital solution.

Our Approach:

Full-Stack Techies analysed the company legacy system and leveraged our legacy IT infrastructure transformation capabilities, initiated migration of the provider’s operations.

For business agility, introduced digital IT functions and made them more responsive. We introduced onsite and offshore resources delivery model for transformation activities. Also, started to prepare migrating the workload to a private cloud infrastructure.

IT Transformation – Reduced Costs & Increased Speed

Full-Stack Techies with its test proven transition methodology – continuous service improvement enabled to streamline the IT workflow process and reduced operations costs. Automation in IT operations provided the client with agility to carry out its ambitious technology vision to accelerate innovation and anticipate customer demand for new products and services.

Favicon50% Reduced operations
FaviconIncreased control in IT application management
FaviconAccelerated time to market & reduced complexity

Media Entertainment

Digitalization Results Streamlining Operations & Improve Efficiency

The Challenge:

A US based Automobile dealer wanted to develop a custom build document management system for managing
– New sale / resell
– Service
– Warranty

Reducing high administrative costs and Minimize documents process delay. Also, dealer was looking for a cost effective maintenance.

Our Approach:

Full-Stack Techies developed a client side application with cloud integration which can store various document types including image files, word, PDFs, Emails, and spreadsheets. Integrated search and filter option to the entire library of files by keyword. Enabled interaction and access, and share documents with other applications.

Accelerating Application Transformation to Scale up Operations

The application delivers numerous benefits, including faster processing with greater consistency. The application and its modular design can be further customized and scaled for future needs in other types of documents and transmission modes.

Favicon60% Reduction in administrative costs
Favicon50% Reduction in end-to-end cycle time
FaviconIncreased Process efficiencies

Automotive Power

Reduces Time to Market Improves Operational Efficiency

The Challenge:

A US based consumer goods Company for it sales operation wanted support to ensure Go-to-Market planning.

Request included:
Single view for sales commission, sales pipeline across geographies, product lines, and segment by integrating multiple source applications. Also, wanted integration of business intelligence environment and consolidating different vendors and the services under one single umbrella.

Our Approach:

Full-Stack Techies built a sales operation platform providing end-to-end IT service. Full-Stack ownership of applications covered the entire spectrum of the lifecycle including project management, release management, release management, QA and production support.

The integrated BI enabled the Consumer goods Company with 360 degree view of customer and partner data.

Leveraging Full-Stack Techies automation capabilities, automated multiple process and streamlined the entire IT eco-system.

Integrated Application Solution Enabling Go-To-Market

One-stop integrated IT solution for sales operations and BI reporting enabled the company ready to go to market.

Self-Serving & Integrated BI monitoring dashboard enabled centralized control and administration of customer and vendor data.

FaviconImproved Operational efficiency
Favicon360 Degree view customer and vendors
Favicon40% Cost saving through automation

Consumer Goods

Mobile Application Solution for Increased Customer Experience

The Challenge:

A baby care provider wanted to improve their customer experience by developing a mobile application. The baby care company had realized its minimal digital engagement with their new age customers. The Company approached Full-Stack Techies for a cost effective solution to drive their mobility and digital initiatives.

Our Approach:

Full-Stack Techies leveraged its past experience and analysed the baby care market and customer expectations to build mobile app on the iOS and Android platforms to improve customer experience.

Also, the app was enabled with analytics to track and analyse customer engagement.

Mobile & Digital Transformation for Increased Customer Experience

The newly built mobile app helped the Baby care provider quick access to customer engagement. The inbuilt communication channel helped customers stay connected with the Baby care. Analytics enablement helped the provider to understand the Customer and increase the sales through cross sell and up sell.

Favicon80% Increase in customer experience
Favicon5X New customer acquisition in one year after the app launch
Favicon60% Increase in sales

Healthcare Life Sciences

A Global Approach to Staying Competitive

The Challenge:

U.S.-based sport equipment manufacturer wanted to transform its applications management system avoiding operational silos and inconsistent customer experience. Suboptimal application development and support activities, lack of proper governance mechanism were some of the other key challenges.

The manufacturing company wanted to leverage Full-Stack Techies technology competency and industry experience to help optimize its applications portfolio and transform the application management system.

Our Approach:

Full-Stack Techies analysed the existing application system and designed a unified global operating model. Following agile development method, ensured effective application development and support activities – including robust governance system.

Leveraging Full-Stack Techies automation capabilities and industry experience, automated multiple frequently recurring cases and helped to increase Service Level Agreement to 100%.

Accelerating Application Transformation to Scale up operations

Full-Stack Techies enabled the Manufacturer Company to synchronize applications silos and harmonize its development and support processes towards the pursuit of operational, quality and governance excellence. The agile development methodology and automated application management processes helped the company meet its operational scalability, time to market and increased customer experience.

Favicon Built Robust application eco-system and long-term customer loyalty
Favicon50% Savings through automated service tickets
FaviconImproved SLA compliance to 100 % across all applications

Energy Manufacturing