Booster Shot IT Full Stack Developer Package – $1950/month Empowering Small Businesses to Conquer COVID-19

AIMLEAP – Full-stack Techies, an ISO 9001:2015 and IEC 27001:2013 certified global technology consulting and services provider announced that it has launched a “Booster Shot IT Full Stack Development Package” at $1950 per month for small and medium size companies. The Package is a two-in-a-box model which comes with a Project Lead and a Full Stack Software Developer who can manage end-to-end web or mobile application delivery – including development, support and maintenance services.

Key Objective

The key objective of the Package is to help small companies to stay and rise out of COVID-19 crisis. Small companies can leverage the Package and run their end-to-end IT applications (Mobile or Web Applications) instead having multiple developers or communication channels. Direct from business stake holder to AIMLEAP Team (TL & Developer) who understand the requirement and take charge of the end-to-end delivery.

  • IT Full Stack Development Package
  • $1950 per month
  • Featuring a Project Lead & Full Stack Developer
  • Tailored for Small Businesses
  • Navigating the COVID Challenge
IT Full Stack Developer Package

IT Full Stack

Development Package

$1950 per month

A Project Lead & Fullstack Developer together

for small businesses

to tackle COVID

What’s special about “The Package”?

Speciality of the Package is – AIMLEAP takes care of end-to-end delivery responsibility of web or mobile applications. It is not a staff augmentation engagement. The two-in-a-box model comes with a Project Lead and a Full Stack Developer who have experience in serving global clients — either product with companies or large enterprises. Most of them have 3 to 8 years of hands-on experience — who understand and know how to code every layer of an application from server processes to backend programming to database and front-end design.

These professionals are known for problem-solving with test proven and demonstrated delivery track record with English language proficiency – speaking and writing, analytical thinking, reasoning power, creativity, commitment to delivery timelines, and more importantly cultural fitment.


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Who can benefit?

The “Booster Shot IT Full Stack Developer Package” caters to the needs of both small and medium-sized companies. Our customizable package adapts seamlessly to various technology landscapes and industries, offering versatile solutions to suit your unique requirements.

How to start?

To initiate the engagement process, kick off by signing a formal Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Once we define and mutually agree upon the project scope, the engagement commences with a two-week trial period. During this phase, AIMLEAP assigns a dedicated Project Lead and Full Stack Developer to facilitate a smooth knowledge transition and process setup.



How do I ensure that “The Package” suits for my Company?

The Package is a two-in-a-box model. In this model, there is a Project Lead (PL) responsible along with the full stack developer; and the Team will stand responsible and assure consistent delivery as per the agreement. All developers are professionals who have worked with global clients and have experience in working with either product companies or large enterprises.

What next if I’m not satisfied with the Package and any cost?

If not satisfied, 100% money back is guaranteed. From our last 8 years of industry experience, 95% engagements are successful and proceed from trial stage to the next level of engagement.

What all application technologies are supported in the Package?

The Package provides technical experts who can manage any specific web or mobile applications. To list a few:

  • Java, ASP.NET, Python, PHP, SAP, etc,
  • Mobile – iOS/Andriod/NativeApp/Hybrid/Flutter
  • Cloud- AWS/Azure/Google, etc.
  • Databases-Postgres/MySQL/Oracle/NoSQL DB

What all project management tools Team is familiar with?

Team is familiar with Slack, GitHub, Jira, BaseCamp, Google docs or can equip to learn any other tools

What time zone the Team will be available?

Available to sync with any time zone.

How do I ensure English language skills and cultural fitment when working with AIMLEAP?

All of our professionals write and speak fluent English. These developers have experience in working with global customers. Also, AIMELAP follows a stringent screening process to onboard developers and hence, out of about 1000 applicants, 3 applicants pass through the screening test. Click here to know more about our screening process

Is there any advance cost for starting an engagement?

Yes – there is an advance deposit of USD750. It will be apportioned to your account once you decide to engage with AIMLEAP.

Where is the Team located?

Most of our Team members are based out of India.

What is an average lead time to start the engagement?

Usually, it takes us one day to three weeks’ time to start the engagement

How’s the data security assured?

AIMELAP is an ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certified company and committed to safeguard client information with integrity, and confidentiality.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by AIMLEAP developer?

AIMLEAP does not own intellectual property or legal rights for any work created by our Team for clients

How is your payments cycle?

AIMLEAP invoices once in a month.

What all payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major payment options including Bank wires, TransferWise, PayPal and major credit cards as well.