How Python Became A Top Programming Language & Django Became A Popular Framework?

Page Updated On December 31, 2022
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Python is a commonly used programming language for a variety of purposes. It was created with the intention of being a general-purpose language that could be used for almost anything. More importantly, this language was created to simplify the coding syntax. Whereas many other languages at the time had, and still have, a very complex syntax that is difficult to learn. That’s why Python’s popularity significantly increased over the years.

According to the Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, 48.07% of developers prefer using Python over other programming languages.

The Python programming language is used in varied programs and automated tasks. With this language, developing websites, software, and task automation can be done easily which many businesses prefer. The feasibility of Python comes because of its various tools and frameworks that help developers achieve their goals with fewer lines of code. Django is one such framework that supports rapid web development and design.

As per Stack Overflow 2022 Developer Survey, Django is preferred by 14.65% of developers as a flexible web framework of Python.

This fast, secure, and versatile framework provides adequate support to Python, enhancing its usability. Therefore, let’s delve deeper into understanding the major reasons why Python and Django became as popular as it is today. Along with that, let’s also evaluate why you should hire efficient Python developers and best django developers for your business.

Reasons why Python is so popular:

Python’s simple syntax was designed to make coding accessible to everybody. It is now utilized in nearly every aspect of software development, from automation scripts to full-fledged software such as websites and games.

According to the TIOBE Index, Python has achieved a rating of 12.20%, ranking as the top programming language of 2022. The PYPL PopularitY of Programming Language Index also indicates Python as the topmost programming language.

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There’s no denying the popularity of Python. The current trends indicate that this language is likely to grow in demand in the upcoming years. Now, let’s break down the top reasons why Python is so popular.
Why Is Python So Popular?

1. Easy To Learn

Python is one of the programming languages that are fairly easy to learn. For newcomers and beginners, this language is relatively simple to use and understand. Python is one of the most accessible programming languages since it has a simple syntax and is not overly technical, allowing natural language to take center stage. That’s why it provides an easier learning curve for beginners.

Because of the nature of Python, most developers prefer using it, making it easier for businesses to hire Python developers for their business growth.

One of the significant aspects of Python is that it is free to use and is supported by a large ecosystem of libraries and packages. It is a major reason behind the increasing popularity of this open-source programming language.

Most importantly, Python is an interpreted language and can be readily experimented with, by simply modifying the code base. This further elevates the usage of this programming language, making it even more popular among all types of developers.

2. Libraries And Frameworks

A significant advantage that comes along with Python is its free libraries and frameworks. A programming language library is a module that includes pre-written code that allows the user to perform several actions with the same functionality.

Python includes libraries that save developers time by eliminating the need to start from scratch. Moreover, Python’s community provides developers with the ability to save time and effort on every development cycle.

AI and machine learning algorithms can be implemented more readily with the help of these libraries. Data analysis, deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, and advanced computing can all benefit from these libraries. This allows for faster product development because developers can now handle complicated problems without having to rewrite code lines.

Python is also equipped with several core frameworks such as Django. Web2Py, Flask, Bottle, CherryPy. Frameworks are the collection of modules or packages used for writing web applications. It can be used to automate the implementation process making it easier for the overall development process. Due to this, m

3. Flexibility

Python is one of the most relevant and versatile programming languages to exist. It is used by many IT giants like Google, Facebook, and Netflix. Because of its flexible nature, it can be combined with other languages to reach the required result. It provides the developer with the choice of using Object-Oriented Programming (OOPs) or scripting.

An expert developer can build numerous things using this programming language. This kind of freedom and flexibility is not available in other programming languages as it is with Python, making it highly popular.

A business can benefit from implementing a language like Python since it is efficient, reliable, and faster than other programming languages. It can be used in almost any product with reduced chances of any issue or performance loss. This programming language also does not necessitate recompilation of the source code, making the findings easier to view.

It provides a safe environment for developers and decreases the likelihood of errors due to its versatility. Therefore, hiring expert Python developers from a company like AIMLEAP is recommended if a business wants to experience the full potential of this language.

4. Automation Capabilities

Python can help a lot with task automation because it has a lot of tools and modules, which makes things a lot easier. It’s remarkable to think that with only necessary Python programs, one may easily achieve sophisticated levels of automation.

With complex programming technologies, writing a significant amount of code takes time. Even simple tasks can take a huge amount of time. With Python’s tools and modules, developers can automate these repetitive and time-consuming tasks and focus on the important issues at hand.

Python is also the best performance booster for software testing automation. Writing codes for automation tools takes a fraction of the time and requires a little number of lines.

Its library of plugins has further aided this language to become an automation standard in the industry. Even when programmers are using other languages, they would utilize Python when crafting automation scripts.

5. Active Community Support

Python has a large number of active programming communities all over the world. People can discuss their code issues with one another, and other programmers can offer solutions. This language was created 30 years ago which has provided it with the scope of evolving into a community of beginner to experienced developers.

Such communities provide a great deal of assistance to programmers as they work on new applications. They can talk about coding problems with other members of the community and come up with effective solutions. With such a supportive community, developers can execute simple to complex tasks with ease.

6. Corporate Support

When a company sponsors a programming language, it expands more quickly. For example, Facebook supports PHP, and Python; Microsoft supports Visual Basic and C#. Facebook, Amazon Web Services, and, most notably, Google all support the Python programming language. This has led to the incredible popularity of Python as a programming language over the years.

Google began using Python in 2006 and has subsequently utilized it in a variety of applications and platforms. In the developer world, the list of support tools and documentation for the Python language continues to grow.

Around 48.07% of developers around the world prefer using Python for their programming tasks, making it the top-most used language.

This indicates the growth and further increase in its popularity in the upcoming years.

7. Versatility

This general-purpose programming language is not only easy to learn but is efficient, reliable, and provides adequate speed. Python can be utilized in almost any environment, and regardless of the platform on which it is employed, there will be no performance loss. Another advantage of the Python language is its adaptability. It can be utilized in a wide range of situations, including mobile apps, desktop apps, web development, and hardware programming, among others.

Python’s adaptability makes it more appealing to use because of its wide range of applications. Its versatile nature allows Python to be readily used in the Internet of Things (IoT) to develop a wide range of devices that can be controlled with this language and IoT libraries. Opting for Python provides businesses with the added boost of seamless development. Choose top Python developers from AIMLEAP to enhance your business development.

8. Machine Learning & Data Science

After R, Python is the second most widely used language for data science and analytics. The programming language is used to fuel a large number of data processing workloads in the company. Because of its various applications, including the simplicity of analyzing and arranging usable data, the majority of research and development is done in Python.

Not only that but hundreds of Python modules, such as TensorFlow for neural networks and OpenCV for computer vision, are utilized in thousands of machine learning projects every day. The data packages available with Python have further made it easier to handle complex Machine Learning and Data Science projects easily, resulting in its immense popularity.

How did Django become an extremely popular framework?

In 2022, there are more than 7000 Django users around the world and the number is predicted to keep on increasing.

This open-source framework of Python gained rapid popularity because of its versatile, fast, and secure usage. Django is a high-level web framework that supports Python, resulting in fast web development and design. Its use can be observed in many tech companies since it provides a feasible process of development, adding to its popularity. Therefore, let’s delve in detail into the top reasons that have resulted in its significant growth and demand.
What Is Django And Why Is It So Popular?

1. Based On Python

One of the foremost reasons behind this framework’s popularity is that it is built with Python. Python is one of the most popular languages in the world so there is always a demand for Django as a framework. It becomes significantly easier for a developer to learn Django who understands the basics of Python. Moreover, this framework is easy to use and helps developers execute diverse tasks at a fast pace. Thus, get Django development services from the best Django developers to ensure the required result.

2. Community Support

It is often remarked that one of the best elements of the Python world is the community, and this is even more true in the Django world. Most open-source projects have a great community of users and backers, which is true for Django. Due to this, a massive amount of resources are readily available for developers. From tutorial videos and articles to workshops, the vast community provides a wide range of support, leading to this framework’s popularity.

The Django Software Foundation, or DSF, is in charge of Django. Every Django-related event has a code of conduct. Accordingly, a developer gets proper support when looking out how to solve any issue. Recruit the best Django developers from AIMLEAP to elevate a business’s development process.

3. SEO Friendly

The Django framework for Python encourages the use of human-readable website URLs, which is beneficial to search engines. Its advantage can be understood not only from the standpoint of the user but also because search engines use the keywords in the URL when ranking sites. Therefore, when a business opts for Django development services, it can hire Django developers who can perform cross-purpose jobs of both development and optimization with ease.

4. Highly Scalable

Scalability is one of the core factors that elevate smooth development, resulting in its immense popularity. Since the Django framework is highly scalable, it makes it easier for developing a wide range of web apps. Django is, at its core, a collection of pre-wired and ready-to-use components. Now that these components are decoupled, or independent of one another, they may be unplugged and replaced as a business grows and requires more specialized solutions. Outsource the best Django developers for versatile Django development services for efficient development.

5. Highly Portable

Django, like Python, operates on almost any platform, including Mac, PC, and Linux. As a result, no development or production environment is left without assistance. On top of that, Django also includes ORM (object-relational mapper). It is a layer between the developer and the database that makes it possible to move projects between databases by merely changing a line of code. Hire a Django programmer from a reliable company like AIMLEAP to access effortless Django development services. With the best Django developers onboard, an organization can smoothly develop and design various web applications to meet its business objective.

6. Highly Secure

One of the highest selling points of the Django framework is that it is highly secure. The best Django developers across the globe prefer this framework the most because of this very reason. By default, Django guards against a slew of frequent security blunders and provides secure cookie support.

To begin, Django camouflages or hides the site’s source code from direct Internet inspection by dynamically producing web pages and transmitting information to web browsers via templates. It has strong encryption packages and protects against common attacks like Clickjacking and XSS attacks. When a business selects Django development services, they are completely able to use the framework’s advantages for their benefit.

7. Excellent Documentation

This web framework possesses a higher standard of documentation for open-source projects which has only gotten better with time. It provides excellent functionality for documentation which makes collaboration easier between teams working on Django. It was one of the first frameworks to have an alphabetical list of modules and all the methods and attributes. Although this system has now been introduced to other frameworks, Django sets the finest example for accessible documentation. Work with the best Django developers in the industry by choosing affordable Django development services from AIMLEAP.


Python programming language is one of the most accessible programming languages available. It is not complicated, has a simplified syntax, and helps in easy code writing that can be executed much faster as compared to other programming languages. This has led to the significant popularity of this programming language over the years. Most businesses look for developers skilled in the Python language for its numerous advantages. It has a vast category of libraries and frameworks, a supportive community, and automation capability. The increasing rise in its demand is because of its flexible and versatile nature that helps immensely aid businesses in development.

Similarly, like Python, its web framework known as Django is extremely popular. This framework brings a lot of things to the table such as it is secure, scalable, as well as SEO friendly. Thus, for efficient development, hire the best Django developers from AIMLEAP and secure the pre-eminent Django development services.

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