The Challenge

A luxury retailer in US wanted to increase their revenue. The retailer’s top 15% of customers represented 70% of their revenue.  The company wanted to engage these 15% of high-value Customers even further by providing hyper-personalized experience through web channels.

Retailer approached FullStack Techies for help in designing an approach strategy and crafting a hyper-personalized solution.  Customer had engaged another attempt for the same in the past and had generated $1 million additional revenue and was expecting further potential increase in revenue. The expectation from FullStack Techies included building a refined design and provide hyper-personalized solution which can increase the performance of its existing model.

Our Approach

FullStack Techies started with industry research, competitor analysis, buyer profile and latest trends in hyper personalization. Our Techies effectively leveraged similar approach and personalization techniques that had worked well in the similar geography and customer demographic data to build hyper-personalized web experience.

Hyper-Personalization Converted To Increased Sales & Revenue

The new Hyper-personalised solution enabled the Customer providing increased shopping experience and increased Customer engagement.

This solution helped retailor driving additional sales and increased revenue. The solution included customized approach touching end-to-end customer interaction touch points. Also, FullStack Techies leveraged our subject matter expertise and past experience from industry to define and develop a new application.