Top 5 Tools For Front-End Application Development In 2023

Page Updated On May 13, 2022
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Front-end development is one of the essential parts of web development that manages the visual aspect of an application. A front end development company provides front-end development is also called client-side development since it involves the process of developing software components of an application that would be visible to the users. A Front-end developer is the one who builds front-end components for websites and applications. They have to excel in various web languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript that allow users to access and interact with the app or site. According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, front-end development is the third most popular profile among developers, with 27.42% just behind back-end and full-stack development. Front-end development is quite easy to learn but difficult to master.

A web developer needs to have adequate expertise in front-end languages and frameworks. Since front-end tools and technologies constantly change, a front-end developer needs to be updated and consistently evolve with the changes. If you rely on Full-Stack Techies, a reliable front end development company, you eliminate the scope of finding a developer excelling in front-end development. Hire front end developers having in-depth knowledge about front-end technologies. In the present decade, organizations are focusing on improving their user engagement. That’s why the focus on front-end development is significantly increasing since a user-friendly interface, and appealing design will attract and retain more customers. It will help in generating more ROI and enhance business visibility. To ensure this, expertise in front-end tools is a must.

Let us look at the top 5 front end tools to look out for in 2022:

The demand for front-end development is persistently increasing in the 21st century. This is because front-end developers are responsible for making sure that the users interact with the software or the app easily. They develop, maintain, and implement designs on apps and create tools for improving site interactions regardless of the browsers. They also manage software workflow, test and fix bugs, and follow the best SEO practices.

Front-end developers are paid an average annual salary of around $90,499 in the US. It is a lucrative career opportunity with increasing demand. Engage with a front end web development company that understands the need for your business requirements. Most importantly, when hiring such developers, make sure they have in-depth knowledge of the top 5 front-end tools that would be the most essential in 2022 and going forward.

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1. Angular

Angular is one of the most used open-source frameworks based on TypeScript in 2022. This top front-end development tool developedproduced by Google is preferred by 22.96% of developers. This platform has every component to build a well-developed application from small-scale businesses to large organizations. Developers can view the changes they make in real-time when they work on Angular because of the two-way binding feature, making it popular. This makes it one of the most features among developers. Angular also consists of a component-based framework. It aids in building scalable websites supported by data. As a trusted front end development company, Full-Stack Techies understand the need for providing comprehensive solutions. It is essential in today’s market to stay on top of the competition.

You can build user-friendly websites without involving too much code writing. In that way, you can focus on how to make the app better rather than the code. With this tool, you can have a faster development process since you can craft a dynamic app with a single page. You can even optimize the interaction with client-side code to make the application more agilefeasible. Its advanced testing features and model-view-controller (MVC) balance help you have the utmost control over the development process. You can even reuse the code and capabilities for app development and extend the template language to get numerous advantages. Hire front end developers from the well-known front end web development company to get robust front-end services.

2. Vue.js

Vue.js is considered one of the best front-end development frameworks to build dynamic web applications. When combined with other tools, it can be presented as a framework. It is simple and easy to use. It’s smaller in size and offers two-way, component-based programming and Visual DOM like Angular. You can build versatile as well as small web applications easily with Vue.js. Alibaba and Xiaomi are some of the large-scale companies that use this framework. As per Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, 18.97% of developers opt for Vue.js for front-end development. Its easy accessibility helps you create innovative user interfaces in JavaScript.

Because of Vue.js’s accessibility, it is easy’s feasible to maintain code and manage it, especially when multiple people are working on the same project. Being an established front end development company, we know how crucial it is to enhance the performance of an app. By using the framework of Vue.js, an outstanding approach to design can be implemented along with fast development. This framework also allows you to split up your webpage and use it as reusable components. Therefore, making minute changes can be done swiftly. It has been integrated with the best features of the existing front-end frameworks, making it a promising tool to look out for in 2022.

3. Bit

Bit is a next-generation component-driven front-end development tool. It is used for modern app development where you can develop individual components that can be used whenever or wherever required in various apps and software. Bit’s cloud platform helps you massively with component creation and composition where you can scale up your front-end development. This tool possesses key every elements you would required for front end development. From local to cross-project integrations, Bits is equipped with collaborative elements to assist app development. As an efficient front-end web development company, we know how to develop your app using Bits effectively.

Bit has its own operations support systems (OSS), which are extendable and lightweight. With that, you can develop and compose components for your web application. It also provides various features like reusable and customizable component templates. Its visual component docs, per-component vision and export, and isolated unit-testing are also key features. Going forward, it is one of the most popular front end development tools. Hire front end developers to experience round-the-clock front-end development from the experienced front end development company.

4. Ionic 2

Ionic 2 is one of the top mobile development tools that is also an efficient front-end development tool in 2022. Ionic 2 is intended for cross-platform mobile app development as well as software development for front-end development. According to a Developer Survey 2020, Ionic was identified to be used by 86% of developers. Developers using this tool can craft native and web-optimized apps. This free and open-source tool has numerous advantages that can help you develop user-friendly mobile apps. Being the top front end development company, we incorporate the various features to build a practical application.

Ionic 2 is a great tool that can be used for the front-end apart from mobile app development. It has good community support and popularity on Slack and Stack overflow and high availability of different plugins. One of the crucial advantages of this tool is that it is a one-code base for all platforms. Therefore, the app can run on Andriod as well as iOS, and it’s easier to customize. Ionic 2 also has push notifications built-in and is coded in Angular. As a front end development company, it is a preferable tool because of its cross-platform development technology. It is gaining rapid popularity in growing startups and leading companies worldwide.

5. NPM

NPM or Node Packet Manager is based on JavaScript. It helps developers who work on NodeJS to use packages of reusable code. As a pioneer front end development company, experts at Full-Stack Techies excel at using NPM. It is one of the most used tools as a common-line utility for interacting with a said repository that provides support to the package. One of the most distinguished features of the NPM is that it has over 470,000 free code packages that can be used and reused.

Hire front end developers who are well-versed in NPM since it encourages developers for code discovery and to reuse codes within teams. It is currently one of the most used front-end development tools with 17.3 stars on GitHub. You can publish and have control access to the namespace using this tool. You can even manage public and private code, all from the same workflow. Being an outstanding front end web development company, we understand how knowledge of this tool can aid in managing local and global dependencies of the project tools. Therefore, you can download a standalone tool or manage multiple versions of code and its dependencies using NPM. Adequate skills regarding this tool can prove to be a valuable asset for front-end developers.

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Your app may be innovative in terms of concept, but if there isn’t a market demand for it, you’ll struggle to attract downloads. Your journey of launching a successful business app starts when you hire an Android coder. The right app development team can help you expand your foot in the market. If you choose to hire an Android developer from India, you’ll be provided with world-class Android app development services. 


Front-end development is an extremely important area of businesses because of the interaction with clients and users. This form of development helps convey a company’s branding to its customers. A website or application needs to be user-friendly and also have attractive visuals. It should maintain a proper color palette, language, and graphics for the customer to associate with a business’s brands and its products. Due to this, front-end development plays a vital role in the present era with an increasing demand for such developers. That’s why Full-Stack Techies, the leading front end development company knows to stay updated with the latest front-end development tools and technologies.

In this article, we have mentioned the top five popular tools used for this development process- Angular, Vue.js, Bit, Ionic 2, and NPM. These tools have their unique features and benefits and are crucial in innovative front-end development. However, innovations and new tools are common aspects of front-end technologies. Going forward, there will be new trends that every front end web development company should be aware of. Stay in touch with the changing trends with Full Stack Techies and hire front end developers skilled in their field.

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