How do I ensure that FULLSTACK Techies - IT developers suit for my IT project?

FULLSTACKTECHIES ensure that each engagement starts with a trial period of two weeks’ time. This is the time to understand that how well FULLSTACKTECHIES suitable for your project delivery and gel with your cultural fitment. Once you are completely satisfied with the trial period results, you can continue the engagement with the FULLSTACKTECHIES. Due to any reason, if you are not completely satisfied, you won’t be invoiced for the trial period. At this stage, we can either part ways, or FULLSTACKTECHIES can provide you with another FULLSTACKTECHIE who may be a better fit and with whom you can start a second, no-risk two weeks’ trial.

FULLSTACKTECHIES always stands for serving your team and we thrive for your success.

How is FULLSTACKTECHIES different?

FULLSTACKTECHIES is a place for the Top 10% coders and developers. FULLSTACKTECHIES ensure that the Top 10% techies are treated incomparably well – from on-boarding experience, continuous upskill, emoluments provided, holiday plans, stake options and many more.

FULLSTACKTECHIES consists of hand-picked — the most carefully screened, tested and delivery demonstrated technical coders and developers in the world. Most of these FULLSTACKTECHIES in their past engagement, worked with either product companies or large enterprises. These coders and developers needed for your most important projects – and not necessarily for all projects.

In general, large enterprises have no system to treat the top-quality developers; and FULLSTACKTECHIES is the place for these software engineers — coders and developers.

We at FULLSTACKTECHIES – all stand for your continuous success. 

What next if I’m not satisfied with a FULLSTACKTECHIE?

FULLSTACKTECHIES stands for your success and for that, we provide an additional trial period with a FULLSTACKTECHIE who can better fit your requirement. From our experience, 95% of first trial is successful and proceed from there to the next level Customer engagement.


How do I ensure English language skills and cultural fitment when working with FULLSTACKTECHIES?

All FULLSTACKTECHIES writes and speaks fluent English. Before onboarding, FULLSTACKTECHIES undergo two months of screening process and rigorous tests; and these tests include – English language competency, analytical thinking, reasoning power, creativity, commitment to delivery timelines, and mock projects.

Most of the FULLSTACKTECHIES in their past engagement, worked with either product companies or large enterprises.

How does FULLSTACKTECHIES screening process ensure quality candidates that meet our requirements?

Each FULLSTACKTECHIE developer is screened out of about 500 applicants. We thoroughly review candidates past project experience, role and involvement of the developer in each project — in detail.

Professionals at FULLSTACKTECHIES undergo two months of rigorous screening process and mock tests. All applicants complete real time mock test projects – 4 weeks to 5 weeks — to demonstrate their proficiency before onboarding. The mock tests include sample code — quality of code, algorithmic tests, design fundamentals and more.


What is an average lead time to start with a software engineer?

Usually, it takes us one day to three weeks’ time to screen, and provide you a suitable software engineer before we feel confident enough to introduce for your requirement.

Unless we are confident, we do not commit to provide developers for your project deployment.

Where do FULLSTACKTECHIES -- coders and developers work?

FULLSTACKTECHIES work from various locations including offshore, onsite and remote locations. Based on the requirement, FULLSTACKTECHIES work from dedicated Offshore Delivery Center (ODC).

Is there a way FULLSTACKTECHIES coders and developers work on-site?

On need basis, — yes – we can facilitate FULLSTACKTECHIES physically available on-site for training and hand-holding. Also, if there is a compelling requirement, we can co-ordinate for relocating coders and developers or team to your location.

Where are FULLSTACKTECHIES coders and developers located?

FULLSTACKTECHIES are spread across the world. Currently, most of our FULLSTACKTECHIES are based out of India.

If there is a situation when a deployed FULLSTACKTECHIE is unavailable for a few days or weeks they are supposed to work; and what could be a work-around?

FULLSTACKTECHIES are professionals and this situation is unlikely to happen. And, if any such critical situation arises, FULLSTACKTECHIES provides quick back-up engineer who can manage the situation without any disruption to your project deliverable.

Is there a way that I can hire a full-time developer from FULLSTACKTECHIES and bring him/her into our company?

Answer is NO. In specific cases and considering criticality of project and if rebadging is required, we will work with you and can establish a mutually beneficial arrangement.


Is there any advance cost for starting an engagement with FULLSTACKTECHIES?

FULLSTACK Techies collect an advance deposit of USD 750 that will be apportioned to your first invoice once you decide to engage FULLSTACK Techies. For any reason, if you decide not to engage with FULLSTACK Techies, your full advance amount will be refunded.

How much does a FULLSTACK Techie cost?

Pricing can vary from developer to developer. An indicative developer pricing is listed below:  

Part-time 20 Hours: USD 800 – USD1,600+/week

Full-time 40 Hours: USD 1500 – USD $3,000+/week

How is your payments cycle?

FULLSTACK Techies invoice once in a month.

Is there any minimum duration of commitment that I have for deploying a FULLSTACK Techie?

Yes, there is a minimum 6 months’ commitment for deploying a FULLSTACK Techie. In specific cases – minimum deployment period can be flexible.

What all payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank wires, TransferWise, PayPal and major credit cards as well.

Who owns the legal rights to the work created by FULLSTACK Techies?

FULLSTACK Techies do not own intellectual property or legal rights for any work created by our developers for client. FULLSTACK Techies’ help connecting developers and coders to the clients who want to work with FULLSTACK Techies – not intellectual property.


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