10 Point Checklist To Hire A Django Development Company You Should Not Ignore

Page Updated On January 14, 2022
django development company

With the worldwide pandemic kicking off 2020, debates concerning our health, money, jobs, and well-being have been fevered. Everyone is worried about how the pandemic is going to impact our collective futures. There was no way we could have predicted how quickly the world would adopt new technology and remote working.

As we reach the middle of 2021, our views on work and employment have radically changed. Pandemic has pushed businesses to use external support to achieve their goals.

Many businesses polled by BCG anticipate expanding their expenditures in offshoring companies that focus on specific areas such as software architecture and engineering (51%), application development (59%) application maintenance (55%), testing (53%), product design (52%), and business processes (52%).

Offshoring IT services has become a never-ending trend now.

Why Offshore To A Django Development Company?

One of the toughest challenges that frequently surface is the time and money lost to project issues that occurred due to a lack of industry exposure and expertise. But when you offshore a Django development company for the development of your project, you get access to a larger global talent pool with a deep industry experience. Written in Python, Django is a high-level web framework that helps in the rapid development of a digital product.

GitHub’s Stars for the Web Development Frameworks, December 2020 report states that it is the second most starred Server-Side framework behind Laravel.

For offshoring efficient Django development services, choose a trusted IT company in India. From guidance to development to post-development maintenance & support, they will provide you with a wide range of Django services.

django development company

1. Skilled & Motivated Workforce

Offshoring a Django development company for Django development services can change the game in your favour. When you offshore Django services, you get connected with a skilled and motivated workforce interviewed and chosen by you for your project. These days, it’s hard to find the right talent that can convert your long term business idea into a functional reality. Offshoring can really help you connect with well-trained and skilled engineers who will work hard on your project which is certainly going to affect the outcome of your business.

In fact, Clutch’s 2021 report related to outsourcing takes us to a more intimate statistic which proves that 18% of small businesses outsource to get expert assistance.

2. Efficient Service

Of all the challenges of building a digital product in-house, one of the most difficult to solve is delayed development or lack of efficiency. An offshoring Django development company has all the resources to design, develop, test and deploy a digital product within a stipulated time. Well-established providers of Django services, hold themselves accountable to their commitments. You get the delivery of your project on time and this might be the reason why 24% of businesses surveyed by Clutch said that through outsourcing they have experienced increased efficiency. Offshoring Django development services not just influences the delivery of your project, but also helps your in-house team remain focused on its core competencies, leading to increased efficiency of in-house as well as outsourced

3. Inexpensive

Around 70% surveyed by Deloitte said outsourcing is used by them as a cost-cutting tool.

Cost is the first consideration in app or website development projects and if the cost increases, ROI will be minimal and vice versa. If you decide to hire new resources and set up new infrastructure for your digital project, your business could lose a significant amount of time and money fixing unforeseen situations. In a business, every new employee, equipment or device is an important decision that will affect your expenses. So, offshore Django services and get dedicated resources within your budget. A Django development company that provides Django development services has the best workforce and technology to deal with all kinds of projects.

4. Extended Support & Maintenance

App or website development project doesn’t end with the final deployment to a specific URL on a server. It requires regular monitoring, updating and upgrading. A Django development company can handle the complete development process from strategy development to designing to post-deployment support and maintenance. A renowned IT company offers full-fledged Django services which also include 24×7 customer support. For end-to-end Django development services and support, offshoring is the right choice! You can rest assured that your dream project is in experienced hands.

5. Availability of State-Of-The-Art Technology

Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid pace, so a company needs to make sure it has access to all the essential tools, technologies and equipment to support the efficient and advanced development of its digital project. For medium and small-sized businesses, it’s hard to invest in and maintain new technology. So, the best option to get access to state-of-the-art technology is offshoring. A well-established Django development company that provides dedicated Django services has access to modern tools, technologies and devices. They have skilled professionals who are proficient in using modern technology. Offshore Django development services to infuse technologies like AI and ML in your digital product.

6. Peace Of Mind To More Focus On Core Competencies

57% of organizations believe outsourcing allows them to completely focus on their core business activities states Deloitte Global Outsourcing Survey 2020.

You get a dedicated, expert team working 24×7 on your project by offshoring a Django development company. This reduces your hassles of managing and recruiting in-house resources. You pay more attention to your core business activities when you offshore Django development services. From handling strategy development to maintenance of your digital product, they assure you with end-to-end Django services and save you more time to build a successful business.

7. Freedom To Be Flexible

40% of businesses outsource because it provides them with the flexibility to deal with the changes felt with the continuous development of the digital product.

When you offshore a Django development company, you get the flexibility to change the extent, nature, or scope of business services delivered. The providers of Django services also give you the freedom to increase and decrease the number of team members working on your project as per your requirements.

Checklist To Hire a Django Developer From An Offshore Service Provider

It’s really important to offshore the right Django development company to give your dream digital project life. Globally, there is a large and continually expanding pool of low-wage talent. So, if you want to develop a modern business app without spending too much money, then offshoring Django services is the right step. Choosing India for outsourcing your requirements is a smart option, as India continues to be the top preferred location across most industries (2021 Global Shared Services and Outsourcing Survey Report By Deloitte). To make your offshore Django development services search effortless, we present you with a checklist to hire the right Django developer. The checklist is compiled after deep research and analysis to help you find the best services in Django.

django development company

1) Clearly Define The Project Goals

900 billion dollars were wasted on digital transformation initiatives in 2018 and 70% of Digital Transformation projects failed, according to research by Forbes and McKinsey.

If you do not want to include your name on the next year’s business project failure list, then you need to set your strategic objectives and prepare the business case before proceeding towards digital transformation. In order to achieve desired outcomes within a specific time frame, you should define your project goals to the Django development company you are offshoring for Django services. The project goal is the definition of what your project is set to achieve. Outsource your IT functions and define your service requirements clearly to the right Django Developer to start the project successfully.

2) Do a Background Check Of The Company’s Past Projects

GSA research from 2018 stated that 70% of the firms plan to outsource more in the future years. But still, 20% to 25% of all outsourcing relationships fail within two years, and 50% fail within five (Bradstreet’s Barometer of Global outsourcing report).

Even after tremendous growth in the outsourcing sector, why most relationships fail has multiple reasons including service delays, budget overruns, low-quality services, and even contract termination. So, it’s always a smart step to do a background check of the Django development company before offshoring Django services. Check its previous clients, assess its technical expertise, check infrastructure and technologies, evaluate its workforce, gauge financial stability and inspect communication and client management systems when you outsource services in Django.

3) Look At Feedback And Reviews Of Previous Clients

Around 95% of consumers prefer reading reviews before making a purchase, states Spiegel. And around 72% of consumers don’t buy anything until they read online reviews states Testimonial Engine.

As the internet has brought all things to our fingertips, it’s recommended to our readers to look at the feedback and reviews of a Django development company’s previous clients before offshoring its Django services. Check reviews from diverse review sharing platforms and if possible ask for the details of a particular project, the company has worked upon. Check if the professionals working in the company have helped businesses run Django as a service or handled development projects successfully.

4) Place To Outsource From

When it comes to offshoring, you should choose a country according to its IT market, costs, education background and its employees’ ability to interact with you in your preferred language. The amount of money invested in employee training is one of the most essential factors that companies consider when offshoring Django development company for services in Django. India is counted among the most preferred IT outsourcing countries. In 2019-20, India accounted for approximately 55% market share of $200-250 billion global services sourcing business. The IT sector of India is growing at a rapid pace and has proved its capabilities. For cost-effective and world-class Django development services, choose an Indian tech company.

5) Assess Skills Of The Django Developer Team

In order to find a Django service partner that’s experienced, reliable and communicative in the ways you need, the first thing you should do is skill assessment. An ideal Django development company, allows the client to communicate with its development team. You must interview the professionals who are going to work on your project before you sign the contract. Examine their Django programming skills, conduct live tests for coding skills and check their knowledge about other development frameworks. If you are in doubt, you can easily switch your service provider. Assure a smooth process for more efficient and cost-effective operations by assessing the service provider.

6) Examine The Company’s Expertise In technology

According to technology adoption statistics, the percentage stands at almost 60% as of January 2021. As compared to Q1 of 2020, the rate has increased by over 7%.

Technology is evolving every minute, so the Django development company you are offshoring should be technologically proficient. Ask several Django development service providers about the tools and technologies they are going to use for the development of your project. Check how capable is their team in handling technologically advanced projects. If you find a company with well-trained, knowledgeable professionals and a well-equipped IT infrastructure, quickly offshore its services in Django.

7) Recommended To Employ a Dedicated Team At Once

A dedicated development team involves full-stack developers, U/UX designers, DevOps engineers, QA engineers, deployment experts and project managers. When you plan to outsource Django services, choose a Django development company that provides you with a dedicated development team at once. This will reduce your hassles and make project delivery smooth. When a single dedicated team provides Django as a service, there are fewer chances of errors in the project as there are no communication gaps.

8) Request Company’s Best Offer For The Service

Gartner’s report of the 2020 global outsourcing survey shows a sharp increase in the number of organizations giving priority to cost reduction.

Companies offshore Django development company in order to reduce the development cost of app or website. You need to be an expert analyst to crack the best deal. First, ask for the price quotations from multiple companies, compare their prices with the quality of their service and then choose the one offering the best Django development services within your budget. Look for the desired plan based on the period of your project when you offshore services in Django. You can also ask for a discount on the quotes price.

9) Set Realistic And Achievable Deadlines

Around 46% of team leaders say hitting project deadlines is the biggest problem faced by them. Why? Maybe their teams perform inefficiently or the deadlines set by their clients are unachievable and unrealistic. The development of an app or a website is a time taking process. If you want the team to complete the project within an impossible time duration, then you should be ready for the errors and delays. So, make sure to set realistic and achievable deadlines for the Django development company you are outsourcing for the Django services. Reliable service providers have experts for every task. So, they are going to work efficiently and deliver the project on time.

10) Make Sure To Sign a Non- Disclosure Agreement

Keeping working projects, creative ideas, or exciting new projects secret safe is essential for firms to maintain a competitive advantage. An innovative and new concept can only succeed if it is kept under wraps. In the legal world, a non-disclosure agreement or NDA is a document that assures you that your confidential information is safe. Having confidentiality in writing and signed by both parties can build trust. So, whenever you offshore Django development company for Django services, make sure to sign an NDA to prevent crucial information from leaking out.


There are many things to consider when offshoring a Django development company. Offshoring Django services is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. So, it’s worth spending time doing some research when you search for the right provider for Django development services. The success of your project relies on development operations running smoothly. The right service provider can remove tech-related headaches and operational interruptions and help you achieve your business goals.

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