Ask These 7 Questions Before You Hire A Full Stack SharePoint Developer

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10 Reasons To Build a Full-stack Python Development Company

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A SharePoint developer can create websites that can be used for information storage, organization, sharing, and accessibility from any device. A business can increase its productivity on a massive scale with such websites.

As per Microsoft, over 250,000 organizations actively use SharePoint, including 85% of Fortune 500 companies.

Google frequently removes low-quality material from its app store, so the actual number of applications keeps fluctuating. If you want to make a mark with your Android app, then you need to have a brilliant mobile app idea and access to the team that can provide life to that idea. Developing an Android app means entering into a new world of tough competition. One mistake can cost you the game.

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This highlights the need for such websites, and therefore such developers. A full-stack SharePoint developer must be extremely innovative and versatile to provide custom solutions. Since SharePoint is a cloud-based service hosted by Microsoft, therefore any size of company can use it.

Among the customers using Microsoft SharePoint Online, 28% are small-sized companies, whereas 45% are medium and 26% are large.

With SharePoint, a company can easily maintain a collaborative platform for its employees, partners, or customers. Thereby, a skilled full-stack SharePoint developer can help company growth by developing such a substantial software or website. That’s why understanding the key requirements when looking for an experienced developer is important when a company wants to adopt and integrate SharePoint. This blog not only sheds light on this perspective but also lists down the crucial interview questions a company can ask when hiring a SharePoint developer.

7 questions a company should ask before hiring a full-stack SharePoint Developer are:

SharePoint has a meaningful impact on a company’s bottom line. A full-stack SharePoint developer can identify the company requirements and develop a collaborative platform that elevate innovative business requirements. The major advantage of hiring a SharePoint developer is building a customizable website with enhanced security. With its centralized administration and multi-purpose functionality built-in tools, a company can integrate apps, enhance business connectivity services and perform document collaboration. Consolidation with teams within an organization has never been this easy.

According to the Gartner Content Services Platforms Magic Quadrant Report of 2020, more than 200 million users use SharePoint worldwide.

Having SharePoint experts can prove to be valuable for a company. But, a full-stack SharePoint developer needs to possess certain skill sets to produce the desired outcome. So, a company may ask, how to conclude? Follow this simple process. Hire SharePoint developer who can answer these 7 fundamental questions.

sharepoint developer

1. How proficient is the developer in SharePoint and its platform-specific tools?

As a business, a collaborative platform built using SharePoint can be of significant advantage. So, when selecting a SharePoint developer for developing websites, the foremost question a company needs to ask is the proficiency of the developer in using SharePoint and its tools. A full-stack SharePoint developer must have adept expertise of this collaborative platform. The developer must know the use of development tools such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript to build such platforms. They must be able to display excellent problem-solving skills and out-of-the-box thinking. This is because each company has its unique needs. To meet those specific criteria to suit business objectives, a developer must decipher the requirements to build a platform to store, plan or share data. Choosing a developer having the fundamental knowledge of this platform can fast-track business growth.

With over 6.6% of the market share, SharePoint Online has gained rapid momentum.

This signifies the significant growth of this platform and the increasing need to hire SharePoint programmer. Since SharePoint is a complex platform, having adequate knowledge of other technical Microsoft programs is crucial. Hire a SharePoint developer experienced in platform-specific tools like SharePoint Object Model, SharePoint Ribbon, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, Office 365, etc to build innovative software for a company.

2. How skilled is the SharePoint developer at UX/UI design processes?

A business can quickly develop when they are able to transform their vision into reality. To reach out to more audience, developing a SharePoint platform can be beneficial. So, when selecting a full-stack SharePoint developer, a business needs to check if they are skilled at delivering excellent user experience. The ability to build a user-friendly web interface is a skill that companies look for. If a developer can seamlessly understand and execute this process, they can be the right fit for a business.

Being skilled in UX/UI design processes is a key requirement to consider when hiring a SharePoint developer. This interview question falls under the list of crucial skills assessments. Every development is done by keeping the user’s needs and experiences in mind. The goal is to achieve the highest level of user satisfaction. However, not all developers are experts in UI/UX designing. That’s why a full-stack developer with an excellent sense of web designing would be an added advantage. This is because the developer would possess a deep understanding of technical knowledge along with people and design.

3. How experienced is the SharePoint developer in working on programming languages like .NET, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and C#?

Hire a SharePoint programmer having a plethora of experience in diverse programming languages. A full-stack SharePoint developer must be able to use relevant programming languages which is a key skill.

According to Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021, 56.07% of developers prefer HTML/CSS as their programming, scripting, and markup language.

Developers having knowledge about these programming languages are preferred by most companies since they can build user-friendly websites.

As per the TIOBE and Popularity of Programming Language (PYPL) Index, Python is considered the top programming language, followed by Java and C++.

The popularity of this programming language suggested the increasing use of Python because of its flexibility. Being skilled in other development languages like .NET, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, and various frameworks also adds to the skill set of a full-stack programmer. An experienced SharePoint developer can easily use these languages to build innovative platforms for businesses. That’s why when hiring a full-stack SharePoint developer, look at their previous work and ask about their completed projects. This will give the company a comprehensive idea about their skills as well as their experience in handling SharePoint development.

4. How comfortable is the SharePoint developer with testing processes and functionalities?

It’s an added advantage if a SharePoint developer is skilled at testing. This saves a company time and money. A full-stack developer has the capability to identify potential bugs and perform extensive testing and debugging. Choose SharePoint experts from AIMLEAP who can identify even the smallest issues before resulting in data breaches or other errors.

When hiring a full-stack SharePoint developer, be sure to ask them this question. From this question, a company can understand if the developer has in-depth knowledge in incremental or unit testing. They will also realize if the developers are skilled in integration as well as alpha and beta testing. Hire SharePoint developer who can conduct defect analysis and prepare a thorough report to eliminate the scope for similar future errors. Employ SharePoint experts efficiently in different testing and debugging methods crucial in website development.

5. How comfortable is the SharePoint developer working with various database management systems and big chunks of data?

Management of data and various databases is considered one of the fundamental skills of a SharePoint developer. Proper management of data is a crucial asset for an organization. A full-stack SharePoint developer can handle large amounts of data and understand how to store and manage them. They can mold the data and store them in the collaborative platform developed for this purpose. SharePoint experts need to be proficient in dealing with data and documentation. That’s why knowing how to handle databases is an essential requirement of a full-stack SharePoint developer.

A full-stack developer must properly understand database management systems like SQL. A SharePoint developer will need to handle large chunks of data and properly store them during a project cycle. Knowing how data is queried, inserted, updated, deleted, or restored are important full-stack developer skills. Hire SharePoint programmer from AIMLEAP who can design and develop intricate databases and implement them successfully to plan, store or share data. Thus, this question can help identify a developer with significant knowledge of database management systems.

6. Has the SharePoint developer worked on any cloud technology?

This interview question can be beneficial since it would clarify if the full-stack SharePoint developer efficiently handles cloud technologies.

As per Forrester Research, 42% of developers were inclined towards using cloud technologies in 2021. Gartner forecasts the global spending on cloud technologies to reach more than $482 billion in 2022.

As per these statistics, the usage of cloud technologies is expected to increase in the upcoming decade. Therefore, a business needs to be in par with cloud technologies.

Recruit a Sharepoint developer with these necessary skill sets to help the company in the long run. Programmers capable of working with cloud-based technologies are assets to companies. Microsoft has been developing a variety of cloud-based applications such as Yammer, MS PowerApps, MS Flow, etc., to support their SharePoint developers. Understanding these technologies can result in crafting futuristic web applications using SharePoint.

7. Has the SharePoint developer ever worked in a cross-functional team, or how comfortable is the SharePoint developer working in a collaborative environment?

Apart from being skilled in the technical frontier, SharePoint experts should have the ability to work effortlessly with a team. This is because SharePoint development is a collaborative process, and having a team player amps up the development efficiency for a business. The necessary hard skills are not enough to become a successful full-stack developer. This question is crucial since it helps a company identify the integral soft skills of the SharePoint developer.

A company needs a developer who can work efficiently in a collaborative environment and with cross-functional teams. That’s why hire SharePoint developer eager to contribute to the team and engage in the process to develop innovative websites. Full-stack developers should also be versatile and establish proper methods of communication in order to execute projects timely. Ask this essential question when choosing a SharePoint developer for a company.


A full-stack SharePoint developer can prove to be of high utility for a company. SharePoint experts can easily perform multiple roles, thereby saving substantial funds for business operations. These programmers can understand the business objectives and utilize their knowledge and skills to build effective platforms for storing and sharing data, among other tasks. When hiring SharePoint developers, a company needs to identify if they possess certain skill sets, such as understanding SharePoint tools, UI/UX design process, and diverse programming languages. These developers also need to know about testing and debugging methods and close technologies to develop a full-scale application.

Companies tend to hire SharePoint programmer possessing relevant soft skills along with hard skills. A developer able to implement effective communication strategies and work in cross-functional teams is preferred because they can elevate the overall SharePoint development process. So, make sure to ask these questions to developers before hiring SharePoint experts for a company.

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