How a Single Full-Stack Developer Can Replace a Team Of Three?

Page Updated On April 2, 2022
Full Stack Web Developer

The developers who can build applications from scratch and can develop both frontend and backend components of an application are called full-stack developers. Apart from development, they are also involved in database management, administration and integration and debugging of web applications and websites. Full-stack professionals are familiar with the majority of programming languages and can assist you in bringing your minimal viable product to market in the shortest time possible. In this world of constantly evolving technology, the demand for a full-stack web developer for the creation of a digital product has increased. The need for full-stack developers has risen in recent years as the number of online platforms and digitally driven organizations has increased.

According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics report, full-stack developer positions will skyrocket in the near future, with employment in the computer and information technology areas increasing by 13% by 2026.

As long as we have a need for the development of apps and websites, there will always remain the requirements of web full-stack developers.

Business, like other spheres, is undergoing a process of globalization and unification, and the notion of a full-stack developer has emerged as one of the most popular concepts in the current web/mobile development industry. Full-stack development professionals are a must-have for any business due to their extensive understanding of the field and diverse skill set.

As per the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the jobs in Full Stack Development will rise from 135000 to 853000 just in the US by 2024.

Google frequently removes low-quality material from its app store, so the actual number of applications keeps fluctuating. If you want to make a mark with your Android app, then you need to have a brilliant mobile app idea and access to the team that can provide life to that idea. Developing an Android app means entering into a new world of tough competition. One mistake can cost you the game.

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Full-stack developer hiring can reduce unnecessary costs that appear when you hire an entire team of developers for your project. Because they maintain their skill sets and experience up to date, expert full-stack web developers are capable of keeping the client’s website and app compatible with current online safety standards and regulations. They may also swiftly identify performance issues in existing apps and websites and develop solutions. The approach of managing and improving the Minimum Viable Product is expedited since full-stack web programmers are familiar with the most recent changes and innovations, boosting the possibility of favorable feedback from future users. A web full stack developer can replace a team of three professionals that are important for the designing, development, and deployment of the digital product.

How a Full-Stack Developer Can Replace A Team Of Three Professionals?

‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ is a popular saying used for Full Stack Developers. Data expertise and software development professions are in high demand right now. Advanced tools and technologies have made full-stack development a true possibility. A full-stack web developer is like a master key to your growth. Leveraging their expertise, you can open the door for the development and transformation of your business in this ever-growing digital world. With their dynamic abilities web full-stack developers are capable of replacing a team, let’s see how.

Full Stack Web Developer

1. Knowledge Of Various Fields

Indeed has classified full-stack developers as one of the top three high-paying jobs in 2019. From 2015 to 2018, the need for multi-skilled developers increased by more than 200%.

This shift was prompted by a growing trend toward unity, with all-encompassing solutions being seen as essential for businesses that aim to evolve and flourish. A full-stack web developer has a rich knowledge of design aspects, testing, and programming concepts like object-oriented design, microservices, cloud, automation, and REST APIs. Developers become full-stack by growing their knowledge of both frontend and backend development. After learning for years, they achieve skills in backend technologies such as Java, Python and .Net, as well as frontend technologies such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Since you are searching for full stack developer hiring, just choose the one with the knowledge of multiple stacks. Companies want developers with a diverse range of skills and attributes in order to reduce the number of resources required. A knowledgeable and experienced full-stack developer can replace three professionals from your development team because he/she can work on various fields and stacks without needing any help.

2. Rich in experience

Full-stack developers are true all-rounders because they get to work on a variety of projects. While working on various development projects and tasks they achieve knowledge and experience of various stacks. They work independently on a project which also adds to their experience and makes them better at handling different situations. No matter how challenging the development of a project is, a full-stack developer uses his/her rich experience to tackle challenges. Web full-stack developers today are frequently dealing with larger and more intricate websites and technologies, as well as more layered stacks than they were in the past. This automatically improves their ability to handle projects that are complex. When you hire a full-stack web developer, you get the experience of three professionals together which saves your time and money. From development to deployment, they will handle everything involved in the app or web development. This is not only cost-effective, but it also allows one person to oversee and comprehend all aspects of a project, preventing misunderstandings and information silos. Full-stack developers are often in an ideal position to build a dynamic digital product without any difficulty.

3. Contribution In Planning And Strategy

In the previous three years, 73% of ‘top strategy executors’ have been effective in executing strategic goals.

Planning and executing strategies for the project development is essential for its success. Strategy development and planning is a complete self-examination of the goals and ways of achieving them so that your business is given both direction and cohesiveness. Given the strengths and limitations of the organization, strategic planning aids in defining who we are and where we want to go so that environmental challenges and opportunities can be utilized. By implementing them, you can achieve organizational goals. For planning and strategy development, you need to hire specific professionals which is not just expensive but also time taking. In fact, many professionals claim to build success-driven strategies, but they end up building disastrous development strategies. A good full-stack web developer not only possesses programming skills but also has a keen understanding of business logic and customer requirement. Their responsibilities have grown to collaborate with customers even during the planning stages of projects. They advice the clients wherever necessary, frame strategies for the development of the project and plan the entire development cycle. If you are planning for full-stack developer hiring, then choose a professional with a broad understanding of application layers so that he/she can contribute to project planning and execution in an effective manner.

4. Ownership And Responsibility

While developing a website or an app, a full stack web developer takes the responsibility of frontend code optimization, backend development, databases management, API integration, bugs and errors fixing, delivering hardware solutions, and solving security issues. A web full stack developer has full ownership of the application or project from frontend architecture to backend development and database management. As a result, the full stack developer will be held accountable for any issues with the delivery schedule or the quality of the final product delivered. There can be no passing of blame between developers. Because of this level of transparency, the quality of projects handled by a full-stack web developer is almost likely greater than those handled by traditional developers. Full-stack professionals can manage a project and innovate responsibly since they have practical experience in several aspects of the development process. They work with a sense of responsibility and build user-friendly solutions. The project is delivered on time after testing and bug fixing to avoid clashes and disagreements with the customers. Whether your full-stack developer is at the same location or outsourced from a different country, as a project incharge it’s their responsibility to foster efficiency in the project and make it flawless.

5. Streamlined Data Management Process

Since a full stack web developer is involved in all the processes regarding development, they are aware of all the data, and they can handle and manage data in a streamlined and centralized manner. They have extensive experience with databases such as MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Redis, and Microsoft SQL Server. Full-stack developers write the code that allows a database and a web application to communicate. They can also build code for programmes that analyze data sets for statistical analysis and predictive modeling, among other things.

Nearly all C-level executives polled believe that data about consumers and clients is “essential or vital” to gaining a competitive advantage in the next few years.

Data management is essential in a business; By full-stack developer hiring, you can make it easy and efficient. There is no need of hiring a separate data manager when you can have a proficient full-stack developer in your team.

6. Easier And Faster Troubleshooting

Effective troubleshooting is determined by two elements. The first is to identify flaws early when the development process is running and to discover appropriate fixes as quickly as possible. The second is post-release maintenance and upgrades, as problems might arise out of nowhere for a variety of reasons. During the development of an app or website, a variety of faults and mistakes might emerge in its code structure and functionality. This can happen at any stage throughout the development of a website or app. For most developers, locating the source of such problems may be tedious and time-consuming and this results in development delays and cost hikes. Since full-stack developers are aware of all the development, they can identify problems that arise during the project development and fix them faster. A full-stack web developer is skilled in resolving pre and post-development issues. Any updates which are required can also be done in the fastest manner. Because of poor usability, around 70% of online businesses fail. There is a huge importance of a well-functioning and feature-rich app for a business. Hire an app and web full-stack developer for easier and faster removal of bugs and errors from your digital project.


A full-stack web developer is equivalent to a team of 3 and we have proved this through the above-mentioned points. If you need to improve the efficiency of your digital project, then hire a web full-stack developer from a trusted source. Because of the versatility of full-stack developers, they are always in demand which is only going to increase in the near future.

According to the Evan Data group, there will be 27 million developers operating by 2023.

Hire highly skilled full-stack developers from Full Stack Techies for your project requirements. The company houses expert full-stack engineers with experience in diverse fields. They are equipped with the most advanced technology and tools. Leveraging their rich expertise and skillset, you can ensure a significantly higher success rate for your project.

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