How To Choose An iOS App Development Company: 10 Things To Remember

Page Updated On January 12, 2022
Ios App Development Company

iPhone or any other Apple product is the center of attraction in this ever-changing world. If you want to target potential customers for your business, you should create a unique and creative iOS application. But the question that arises here is, how to smartly develop an iOS app. By choosing an iOS app development company with a great market presence, you can build a dynamic iOS app. Companies these days hire expert iOS developers to fulfill their customers’ requirements and demands.

The 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report states that software developers are one of the top paid IT employees, earning a global average salary of $84,763 per year.

Amongst various types of IT workers, iOS developers take away as high as $110,105 per year. This statistic is a direct reflection of the high demand for iOS app developers. The user-friendly interface and unique functionalities of iPhones and iPads have amounted to the popularity of iOS apps. Several companies today hire iOS developers from a well-established company for enriching their business with an iOS app.

eMarketer says that 2020 saw 4 hours per day of time spent by adult smartphone users on the mobile internet.

It also states that 88% of this time is spent on mobile apps. On average, 30,000 new apps get added to Apple’s App Store every month. In particular, health and fitness app downloads are up by 47% over the year, according to SensorTower. As per App Annie, which is an expert in app analytics and app data, health and fitness app download hit 59 million in the week of March 22, 2020. This demonstrates a staggering 40% rise in downloads, in comparison to the weekly average of January and February 2020. Regardless of the domain businesses operate in, the popularity of iOS apps continues to sky-rocket. At the same time, emerging global trends in the development of these apps are resulting in the enhancement of the user experience.

iOS development trends that will dominate the future

In the third quarter of 2020, with less than a 15% market share, Apple was able to dominate the app industry with a revenue generation of $18.6 billion.

This was the major fraction of the total app revenue of $28.9 billion for that quarter, indicating an 80% increase over the year. In lieu of the popularity of iOS apps, iOS developers are coming face to face with a huge number of global opportunities. Consequently, every iOS development company is looking to capitalize on these growing trends to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Ios App Development Company

1. SwiftUI

The usage of the user interface toolkit of SwiftUI is one of the top current trends in iOS development services. It allows the iOS developers to use Swift programming language to develop user interfaces across all Apple devices. An iOS development company works on developing versatile apps capable of running across devices like iOS, watchOS, tvOS and macOS. On top of that, the code will run in a “native” manner. This means, with less coding on part of the developers, a more interactive and smooth user experience can be created. Swift incorporates various attributes such as scalability, flexibility, security and efficiency. The scope created through these attributes accounts for the growing craze for SwiftUI.

2. IoT (Internet of Things) apps

According to Statista, there are 11.7 billion devices connected to the IoT. This number is expected to reach 30.9 by the year 2025. IoT apps provide a gateway to users to seamlessly connect with different smart devices. This connection over networks requires no human intervention, thereby easing and enriching the overall user experience. In order to take advantage of this, a growing number of companies are convinced to hire iOS app development services for apps compatible with the IoT. It is common to see every top iOS app development company applying the technology of IoT, especially for clients from the healthcare, fitness and electronics sectors. The use of IoT technology can boost the usability of the app and its appeal amongst users. This is because, by using IoT, the iOS development company can make apps that allow users to monitor their day-to-day routines through their smartwatches and phones. For example, users are able to remotely monitor health issues, track workout routines and locate their cars using an app. It is all about simplifying things to a great extent.

3. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

AI and ML are two of the latest trends in iOS app development. Today, every top iOS app development company will typically apply these technologies to develop more robust and efficient apps. Their usage makes more for more immersive user experiences within these. This is possible by using subsets of ML such as Deep Learning (DL) and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Using the logical analysis computed by ML, any business can have better insight rooted in the app’s experience. Every top iOS mobile app development company can use Core ML to easily implement machine learning models.

By making use of AI in iOS app development services, it becomes possible to better understand and utilize customers’ behavioural patterns, user input data and search recommendations. In other words, if businesses hire iOS app development services, it can incorporate the use of Siri to better understand the users through their location, usage data, etc. This can easily be converted into a better user experience through AI, as it can add recommendations based on the data gathered.

4. Top-notch security and privacy

Apple’s strict protocols ensure that nefarious individuals cannot breach its devices by misusing iOS development services. An iOS application development company needs to comply with these quality and security protocols. For example, it uses AS Web Authentication Session to make the OAuth sign-in process across Apple’s devices more secure. These measures ensure maximum security and privacy when using iOS application development services. In fact, when a business decides to hire a suitable iOS programmer, then the iOS app delivered can work with popular password managers for iOS devices, such as LastPass and Dashlane.

5. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)

iOS app development services make use of ARKit as Apple’s augmented reality platform. Using ARKit, the iOS app development company can add animated 3d objects and characters to an AR environment within an Apple device. Any business can hire iOS programmer services to use this technology practically in fields like information search, shopping and self-improvement. If a business decides to hire iOS programmer services from a reputed iOS app development company, it can enjoy the additional benefits of both AR and VR to build a more immersive user experience.

7. Mobile wallets

Statista reports a user penetration of 50.8% in e-commerce in 2021. This is predicted to reach 63.1 % in 2025.

Therefore, expectedly, every iOS mobile app development company will soon be providing mobile wallet features in their apps. Experts believe that the total sum of transactions through e-commerce would reach $13.98 billion by 2022. The growing use of e-transactions explains why businesses are looking to hire iOS programmer services to develop their mobile wallet app or make them mobile wallet-compatible.

Benefits of iOS development services

There are several benefits exclusive to iOS application development services. It truly becomes possible for businesses to gain value from these benefits when they hire iOS developer services from the right iOS development company.

1. Better app revenue

iOS apps often have a way better ROI than Android apps. This is definitely one of the major benefits that an enterprise avails when consulting an iOS mobile app development company for building a smart iOS app.

2. Security of enterprise data

Apple’s strict security guidelines will provide stringent security measures such as integrated data handling systems that will prevent duplication of data. When businesses hire iOS programmer services, they can rest assured that their data is fully encrypted and the app’s users are protected from hacking and malware. In other words, the firmware and software are fully protected

3. Exemplary user experience

Apple’s iOS allows the building of apps with a user-friendly and smooth experience. The iOS mobile app development company should use Apple iOS’s inherent capabilities while delivering iOS development services.

4. Greater market access

When businesses hire iOS developer services, it guarantees the success of the iOS app. The app will help the enterprise meet the market’s ever-changing and evolving needs with ease. iOS application development services take about 28% less time than their Android counterparts with the same requirements. Therefore, choosing iOS development services will help meet higher scalability and flexibility based on the target market.

5. Simpler yet effective testing

The iOS application development company needs to meet the prerequisites of prevalent iOS versions. This reduces the testing time considerably, which means that the app will reach the market faster. This is one of the major benefits because of which businesses hire iOS developer services. In addition, lower fragmentation of iOS enables the introduction of new apps and upscaling of existing apps.

Guide to hire iOS developer services

There are some important things to keep in mind for businesses before they hire an iOS programmer from an iOS development company. Following these steps will ensure that they get the best quality of iOS app development services. These steps are essential to follow when consulting a top iOS app development company.

Ios App Development Company

1. Gather requirements

It is recommended for the business to make a list of all its requirements when seeking iOS application development services. This will help them ask all the right questions to the iOS application development company. This is the manner in which an iOS mobile app development company identifies requirements when businesses hire iOS developer services from them.

2. Check profile

Before proceeding ahead it is advisable to check the profile of the iOS development company and its team as well. This will ensure the selection of iOS app development services best suited for the business and domain it functions in.

3. Determine the experience level

A business should evaluate the experience held by the iOS mobile app development company and its team members. It is possible to determine the type or subgenre of their iOS app development services. It also helps get an idea of how long it takes for them to provide their iOS application development services. Doing so will help you set more realistic standards and expectations.

Every top iOS app development company is open to questions asked by businesses that approach it. In this manner, it is able to provide a realistic and authentic idea to businesses before they hire iOS programmer services from it.

4. Evaluate testimonials

It is best to consider what past clients have to say about the iOS application development company before an enterprise goes ahead to hire iOS programmer services from it. The reputation of an iOS mobile app development company tells a lot about the quality of its iOS app development services.

5. Quality over price

Trying to hire iOS developer services at cheaper prices might result in low-quality iOS app development services. It is recommended to never settle for less by choosing a cheap iOS development company.

How to identify and hire iOS developers?

It is recommended to be careful and make the wiser decisions before proceeding to hire an iOS programmer. The business should make sure that the iOS mobile app development company will provide the best mobile app for its enterprise. It is possible to ensure this by identifying and prioritizing certain factors before the business finally decides to hire iOS programmer services for developing the app.

Skills to look for when you hire iOS developer

The iOS mobile app development company should have developers and experts of various skills. These skills are important to cover to ensure the best product from the iOS mobile app development company.

● Swift 3.0

The iOS application development company should develop its code using the Swift 3.0 programming language. Swift 3.0 is the most favoured global standard used for delivering iOS application development services.

● Apple’s XCode IDE

XCode IDE can be used in iOS application development services for providing users with a majestic user experience. The top iOS app development company will combine XCode IDE with Cocoa Touch frameworks. Cocoa, in fact, happens to be the first environment used in iOS app development for all Apple devices such as iPad, TV, iPhone and Mac.

● Spatial reasoning

Considering how the app is going to be used by the users is important before businesses hire iOS developer services. Spatial reasoning involves providing services keeping the user in mind. This will allow the iOS application development company to develop a more convenient app with an engaging user experience.

● Design guidelines

Apple users are often drawn and lured to purchase and use iOS devices because of their uniqueness. When businesses hire iOS developer services, the iOS development company should know how to stick to Apple’s design guidelines.

● UI and UX design

Efficient designing of the UI and UX by the iOS mobile app development company can be the key to turning pages. By doing so, it is possible to deliver a more engaging user experience through iOS development services.

● Human interface guidelines

The top iOS app development company always keeps in consideration Apple’s human interface guidelines.

● Networking

The top iOS app development company is always aware of JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation. JSON is the conventional format for data exchange that gives the iOS development company an understanding of how data is sent and received over a network.

● Core data

Using core data in the iOS development services eliminates obstacles by storing data on the Apple devices themselves. The users don’t have to go through the frustration of loading the data every single time they start the app. In this way, the iOS application development company will be able to build an app that provides the users with a smooth user experience.

● Grand central dispatch

The top iOS app development company makes sure to use Grand Central Dispatch in the best possible manner. This allows the iOS mobile development company to provide app users with a smooth experience when using various app functions.

Requirements when you hire iOS developer

It is important to make sure that the developers at the iOS application development company meet certain requirements. In this way, businesses can ensure that the iOS mobile app development company is providing them with the best iOS development services.

● Knowledge of iOS app development services: These iOS development services include Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, etc.
● Adherence to guidelines: The iOS application development services should fall in line with Apple’s requirements and specifications.
● Collaboration with resources: There are several internal and external resources that the iOS company should collaborate with, in its iOS development services.
● Implementing new technologies: The top iOS app development company makes use of the latest technologies such as AR and VR in its iOS application development services.
● Communication: When businesses hire iOS developer services, they should make sure that the iOS application development company has good communication skills. It should communicate with stakeholders, including executives, about progress made at every step.
● Decision-making skills: The iOS application development company will need to make several critical decisions at every step. These are important for providing the best iOS app development services.
● Past record: The top iOS app development company almost always has an excellent track record of delivering satisfying iOS development services to customers.

Identifying the top iOS app development company

According to 42Matters, more than 30,000 iOS apps get added to the Apple App Store every month. Statista reports that there were 4.37 million apps on Apple’s App Store as of June 2020.

More and more enterprises are looking to develop an iOS app for their business. When these businesses hire iOS programmer services, identifying the best iOS development services is vital. If a business opts for the right iOS application development company, chances are likely its app will hit the market with greater impact.

With excellent iOS application development services, the iOS app will be more appealing to the customers. It will provide them with a more engaging user experience, boosting sales and the success of the company. Therefore, when businesses hire iOS developer services, they should ensure that the iOS application development company adheres to Apple’s guidelines. There are several other tools that need to be considered as per their relevance. Therefore, a thorough check-in of these aspects will facilitate in choosing developers capable of delivering iOS app development services that take the business to a new level of success

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