Things You Should Not Miss While Hiring Full-Stack Developers In 2022

Page Updated On January 14, 2022
Hire Full Stack Developers

IT outsourcing market garnered $318.5 billion in 2020 and it is expected to reach $425.19 billion by 2026.

For digital transformation, organizations have become dependent on the success of innovative applications, software and websites that only a full-stack IT professional can build. Digital products have undoubtedly become a crucial competitive advantage for the majority of companies. Such increased preference amongst businesses has also surged the need to hire full-stack developers.

A full-stack engineer ranks fourth in LinkedIn’s 2020 Emerging Jobs Report. Since 2015, the number of full-stack engineers has increased by 35% annually.

Full-stack developers may vary and it’s important to do some research before you hire a full-stack web developer. A full-stack app developer with rich industry experience and exposure can bring life to your idea in the most advanced way.

Who is a Full-Stack Developer?

Randy Schmidt is credited with coining the term “full-stack.” In the words of Schmidt, Full-Stack refers to developers who can accomplish everything from design to development to deployment. A full-stack developer has great knowledge and experience of working on a myriad of technologies from back-end to front-end. Using a professional approach, full-stack developers can complete a development project with high proficiency. They have a comprehensive understanding of the modern tools and technologies to cater to the needs of clients more efficiently.

It’s not easy to hire full-stack developers for an advanced project. In this highly competitive world with the increasing demand to hire dedicated programmers, finding the one with rich back-end and front-end development skills has become a tough and daunting task.

Full-stack developer ranked second in Indeed’s report for Best Jobs of 2018.

Every business leader desires to hire a full-stack web developer with problem-solving skills and industry expertise. Before you take the step to offshore a full-stack developer, there are certain things that you should keep in mind.

Advantages of Working With Full Stack Developers

Business leaders prefer to hire full-stack developers because they are jacks of all trades. From in-depth experience of multiple languages to the knowledge of all aspects of project development including designing and development, a full-stack app developer accumulates both theoretical and practical knowledge to build a digital product. Business leaders think full-stack developers can be found and hired anywhere in the globe, but CompTIA’s study, on the other hand, indicates the exact reverse.

In the United States, approximately 700,000 IT positions remain vacant based on estimates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics Employment Report.

It will be a great struggle to hire a full-stack web developer for your project. But once you hire one, you can avail multiple advantages, including –

Hire Full Stack Developers

1. Get Higher Expertise

A full-stack app developer has a spectrum of skills that were not attained overnight. They are wizards aware of coding and designing. Not just fluent in both front and back end languages and frameworks, they are also experts in basic server-side scripting. When you Hire Full Stack Developers from a trusted IT company, you get higher expertise and experience. 96% of professional business leaders say the candidates’ experience is becoming more important. And why not? With experience comes expertise and skills to handle challenging projects. If you also seek a perfect partner to handle your project, then hire a dedicated programmer from a well-established source.

2. Cost-Effective

When you hire full-stack developers for your in-house team, you have to bear their expenses including salary, benefits, working space, etc. Filling the position of a full-stack developer in the company is time taking and costly. An average company spends $500 a day on each vacancy. If you are searching for a cost-effective way to hire a dedicated programmer, then invest in a quality hiring programme. Choose an offshore IT company and get rid of the unnecessary expenses that come with in-house recruitment. Having an offshore full-stack app developer working on your project means less spending and increased efficiency.

3. Flexibility Of Switching

Hire Full Stack Developers to maximize both flexibility and control.

A report by Deloitte states that flexibility is the second most common reason for outsourcing professionals with 40% votes.

When you hire a dedicated programmer from an offshore company, you get higher flexibility. From changing your development professionals to switching the entire company, you have the flexibility to realign your priorities and requirements with offshoring. The third-party full-stack app developer working on your project responds to all your requirement and changes quickly.

4. Mitigate Risks Caused Due To Over Hiring

There are multiple risks involved when you hire full-stack developers for your in-house team for a temporary project. Many businesses also do over hiring which leads to operational and financial risks. Business requirements keep changing regularly. So, if you don’t want to encounter business risks, then adopt a third party hiring model. Hire a dedicated programmer from a trusted offshore company and reduce operational as well as financial risks. A full-stack app developer with rich industry exposure can be outsourced from a trusted company at a reduced cost.

5. Upgrade At Ease

Deloitte conducted a thorough study in 2016 and found that 28% of companies outsource to gain access to expert talent and knowledge.

When you have access to a team of expert full-stack app developers, you can upgrade at ease. Digital transformation becomes an easy call for businesses that hire full-stack developers from an eminent offshore company. So, hire a dedicated programmer having expertise in both back-end and front-end development to build an advanced digital product that takes your business to a new level of growth.

6. Quality End Support

In a 2018 study conducted by Stack Overflow, 48.2% of engineers described themselves as full-stack developers, compared to 57.9% for backend and 37.8% for front-end.

The number of full-stack developers is high, but due to high demand, it’s a tough call to hire full-stack developers matching your project requirements. Companies prefer full-stack app developers for quality service and support. When you hire a dedicated programmer from a trusted company, you get 24×7 post-development support and maintenance. From resolving your queries to upgrading your digital product’s scope in the market, offshore companies provide end-to-end support to their customers.

Things You Should Not Miss To Check While Hiring Full-Stack Developers

Previously, to complete an app development project, professionals with diverse expertise were hired. Designers were expected to handle the designing part which is front-end and developers were hired for coding, which is a back end role. But as technology stacks evolved, excelling in merely one programming language doesn’t excite the companies to hire dedicated programmers. Business leaders prefer to hire full-stack web developers to reduce operational costs and efforts and obtain maximum productivity. A full-stack app developer is well-versed with new tools, frameworks, languages, and protocols. The development process becomes efficient and less error-prone when business leaders choose full-stack developers for hire. Here we present a list of things that you must not forget to check while hiring full-stack developers for your project.

Hire Full Stack Developers

1. Build Hiring Strategy

73% of ‘best strategy executors’ have successfully executed strategic initiatives in the last three years, states a report.

Building strategies to hire full-stack developers has become a necessity. The current market has a majority of talented full-stack developers who will handle the entire app or web development process efficiently. But to grab top-notch talent, you need to strategize the entire hiring process. If you want to hire a full-stack web developer from an offshore company, keep a draft of your requirements ready. Share your requirements with the company and check whether they have the expertise you’ve been looking for or not.

2. Industry Experience Of The Company

One of the most commonly outsourced jobs in small businesses is IT. Businesses hire full-stack developers from offshore companies as they seek industry experience. What makes IT service providers unique is their in-depth experience. When you hire a full-stack web developer with rich knowledge and industry experience, you get your project delivered with complete efficiency. Fewer errors and mistakes are made when business leaders prefer checking the experience of full-stack developers for hire. Never forget to check whether the offshore IT company has hands-on experience and capability for the desired role or not.

3. Technical Proficiency

Technology is not expanding rapidly, but exponentially. Here are the stats showing this exponential growth –

Global AI market is expected to reach $89.8 billion and by 2025, there will be 38.6 billion smart devices collecting, analyzing, and sharing data.

So, it’s essential to hire full-stack developers with technical proficiency. They should be able to handle challenging tech projects seamlessly. Hire a dedicated programmer who does back-end coding in python, PHP, or ruby, front-end coding in HTML or JavaScript, analyze and debug database queries, test coding for application validation and web apps and UI performance handling. When you hire a full-stack web developer who is technologically proficient, you can prevent errors in coding and infuse modern technologies like AI and ML in your digital product.

4. Working Environment & Culture

When you hire full-stack developers, you should first look at your potential offshore partner’s working environment and culture. You can get an idea about their company culture by looking at their Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or LinkedIn pages. Take a look at online employee review sites. These are websites where current and past workers share their reviews about the companies where they work or have worked. The insight these platforms provide is valuable to those considering a business partnership with offshore IT companies. A full-stack app developer living in a positive and encouraging environment works efficiently. Choose India tech company to hire a full stack web developer to maximize culture compatibility.

5. Ability to Perform Testing & Debugging

The global market for mobile app testing services is expected to reach $13585.73 million by 2026, according to newly revised data. These are staggering figures that demonstrate the importance of mobile app testing in today’s world, with a CAGR of 20.3% by the end of 2026.

If you want your business app or software to be flawless, then hire full-stack developers who possess good testing and debugging skills. They should know how to conduct rigorous testing to reduce the bugs and errors from the recently built application. A full-stack app developer reduces the hassle of hiring a tester for app testing. So, hire dedicated programmers with testing and debugging skills.

6. Consider Quality Over Price

While recruitment budgets are constantly under scrutiny, we recommend that you keep your choices as broad as possible. Developers that can work on all aspects of a project are in great demand. If you happen to stumble upon a valuable resource, make every effort to extend your budget to accommodate it. Quality counts for your product in competitive marketplaces, and the best always comes at a cost. So, when you hire full-stack developers always consider quality over price. Never save money and hire a full stack web developer who does fake promises to deliver high-quality service at a low cost. Choose a well established offshore company with a strong background in delivering high-quality service for full stack developer hires.

7. Non-Disclosure Agreement

When you are planning to hire full-stack developers for the development of your app or software, you know that there are numerous instances where you end up sharing confidential information with another party. And the fear of losing your confidential information and idea increases. There is a solution to this! When you hire a dedicated programmer, make sure to sign a non-disclosure agreement and leave all your worries and focus on your business. Read all the terms and conditions carefully when you sign NDA while offshoring a full-stack app developer from an offshore company.

8. Reviews Of The Previous Clients

A report by G2 and Heinz Marketing states that 92% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase after reading a trusted review.

The power of online reviews can’t be underestimated. So, whenever you choose to hire full-stack developers from an offshore company, read its online reviews shared on the internet by the clients. By reading verified reviews you can obtain a reliable idea of how offshore companies treat their customers. Authentic reviews help to determine which company to avoid and which one to choose to hire full-stack web developers. Be among the 88% of consumers who trust online reviews to make purchases when you choose a full stack developer to hire.

9. Setup Clear Goals

A report states that 78% of a group of IT and business professionals approve of the fact that their business was not aligned with project goals. The key to achieving success in any objective is to set clear goals. So, whenever you hire full-stack developers, set up clear goals from the very beginning. Meeting your goal to hire a dedicated programmer with rich skills and deep knowledge becomes easier when you set them. Before you get too far into project development, you need to step back, plan, and hire a full-stack app developer who can fulfill your requirements and demands.

10. Checking Offshore Destination

With offshoring, businesses, get access to an untapped global talent pool of highly skilled and knowledgeable developers, modern technologies and different time zone. If you want to lower your development cost and get premium quality work, then hire full-stack developers from developing countries like India. Indian tech companies have cutting-edge technologies and experts proficient with them. When you hire dedicated programmers from India, you get experts who understand your language and leave no communication barrier. Take smart decisions and bring the latest innovations to add more value to your idea.


Take decisions wisely and conduct proper research to hire dedicated programmers as per your project goals and demands. Offshoring is a smart step to save time and money for the development of an advanced digital product. As one of the best IT outsourcing destinations, India offers a wide range of possibilities and has been able to maintain its dominance in the market. With the demand to hire full-stack web developers on the rise, IT outsourcing companies based out of the country are rapidly expanding their operations all over the world. The country’s supremacy in the market is largely due to its low cost and competent pool of workers.

Each year, more than 120,000 IT experts graduate from the country’s IT universities, according to the Tholons Services Globalization Index 2019.

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