Top 5 PHP Web Development Companies To Watch In 2022 & Beyond

Page Updated On August 26, 2022
Php Web Development Company

PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor, a language developed 26 years ago, is currently one of the oldest open-source programming languages. A PHP web development company can easily develop dynamic and interactive websites. Since it can be embedded into HTML, it provides an added advantage of providing functionality to web pages without external files for data. PHP made it feasible to create and manage diverse content, databases, and software.Business around the worldengages with a PHP development company because of the significant benefits.

PHP developers can build cost-efficient programs that have efficient performance. This programming language also provides more control to the developer, and its easy integration and compatibility result in a viable end product.

As per the data from W3 Techs, PHP is used in 77.4% of the websites for server-side programming. According to the Stack Overflow Survey 2021, 21.98% of developers prefer PHP as a programming, scripting, and markup language, which signifies its popularity.

Google frequently removes low-quality material from its app store, so the actual number of applications keeps fluctuating. If you want to make a mark with your Android app, then you need to have a brilliant mobile app idea and access to the team that can provide life to that idea. Developing an Android app means entering into a new world of tough competition. One mistake can cost you the game.

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Over time, the language has evolved, and its usage changed, but it still is one of the most popular languages. Some of the most popular websites which use PHP are Facebook, Slack, Wikipedia, and Tumblr. Therefore, businesses can benefit by having their own websites created by various PHP development companies in India.

We have compiled a list of the top 5 PHP web development companies to watch in 2022:

PHP developers are equipped with exceptional skills and knowledge and are all-rounders. hey, can deliver an efficient digital experience to web customers all around the world.

There are more than 35k programmers who work on PHP currently in the US.

The growing number suggests the increasing demand for such developers to create innovative software and websites to stand apart in the competitive market. Outsource developers from an excellent PHP web development company to create both simple and complex products.

To make things more simpler for you, we have created the list of op 5 companies that helps you hire skilled PHP developers.

Top 5 Php Web Development Companies In 2022


At the top, a PHP web development company providing excellent services is AIMLEAP or Full Stack Techies.

It is an Inc. 500-listed US company with dedicated, experienced, and talented full stack PHP developers.

The company has a handpicked pool of resources who are well-versed in this development language. A business can easily scale up its needs by recruiting ready-to-deploy full stack developers from this PHP development company India.

The company has a growing list of 700+ happy clients with more than 9 years of experience in the field of providing top talents to various companies.

AIMLEAP aids small, medium to global enterprises in the technological sphere. Businesses hiring developers from this PHP web development company gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. They get fast and efficient web development services with significant cost savings. Leverage automation and complete process optimization by engaging the aid of skilled resources. With professional project managers, end-to-end delivery is easily managed.

The company serves client across the world which includes Honeywell, McAfee, Facebook, etc.It delivers tailor-made software or apps as per project requirements. In PHP development, knowledge regarding PHP and various backend technologies like Linux, MySQL, and Apache are necessary. AIMLEAP provides developers who are not only experts in handling such technologies but also can decipher requirements and establish proper communication throughout the development process.

This trustworthy PHP development company has 98% client retention and has been on an upward growth trend which is expected to continue in the coming year as well.

So, hiring from this reliable company only provides a plethora of advantages for a business in the long term.

2. ITC Infotech

ITC Infotech is one of the most trusted PHP development companies in the business, with more than 20 years in the industry. The company provides budget-friendly solutions to its numerous clients. The aim of this PHP web development company is to provide a seamless digital experience by meeting industry standards. Developers of ITC possess in-depth domain experience, which helps them deliver high-end solutions. The PHP development company delivers productive and cross-platform interactive websites. They also supply you with all the tech support required for your PHP development.

In the 21st century, with the increasing demand for innovative websites, this PHP development company in India provides reliable services. The company provides its innovative services across numerous industries ranging from healthcare, banking, and finance to hospitality and manufacturing, among others. A business can gain multiple advantages by hiring this dynamic PHP web development company. They can develop apps from scratch till deployment with ease. Their fast and efficient services make this company one of the top choices for PHP development in 2022 and beyond.

3. Happiest Minds

Another leading PHP web development company is called Happiest Minds Technologies Limited. This company provides solutions for full stack PHP development, custom PHP web API development, PHP API development and integrations, PHP-based backend development, and CMS or platform development. This PHP development company in India ranked 24th globally and won Platinum and Gold Awards in 2021 from the League of American Communications Professionals (LACP).

Happiest Minds provides lucrative opportunities in terms of PHP development. The websites developed by this PHP web development company resulted in a 5% increase in sales. With more than 200+ apps under its belt, this company provides top-notch services to its clients in various sectors. By positioning itself as “Born Digital. Born Agile,” the company offers numerous, digital solutions. When looking for PHP development, this company can provide complete end-to-end solutions. Various businesses can boost their functioning by working with top PHP companies like Happiest Minds leading to innovative website development.

4. Parangat Technologies

Parangat Technologies, a PHP web development company, ranks among the top five tech companies to depend on. This company is known for custom-made mobile apps and web development services. By engaging developers from this PHP development company, a business can get extensive expertise in niche technology services. Their in-house PHP developers focus on building dynamic, data-based, and interactive web apps for their clients.

The PHP development company in India provides its services to many industries such as logistics, healthcare, fitness, travel, hospitality, as well as food, and restaurant. Leverage expert services for web development, mobile strategies and complete solutions. Parangat Technologies provides a full range of services from conceptualization to deployment and support. Their experienced PHP developers can build websites with cross-browser compatibility and interactive, visually appealing, and robust websites using this scripting language. A business can produce a wide range of solutions from apps to full-fledged websites and eCommerce stores by working with this top PHP web development company.

5. HCL

HCL Technologies is among the top five PHP web development companies businesses need to watch out for in 2022 and beyond. The company focuses on building next-gen technology for businesses globally. With a strong presence of over four decades, this PHP development company in India takes pride in its innovation, sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. Being a leader in PHP development, the company provides lucrative PHP services, from developing applications and websites to software.

This PHP development company delivers its effective service to Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies.

This makes HCL one of the industry leaders and a reliable web development company to look out for. If you are looking to hire a company with skilled developers, HCL can be a wise choice. Apart from PHP, the company is not only leading in analytics, IoT, cloud computing, but also in the automation sector and provides diverse services across distinct industries.


A lot of people believe that PHP is a dying language. The truth is anything but that. With time, the language has evolved, and it still has a lot of applications in the industry. Engaging a PHP web development company is a significant advantage for many businesses in the present decade because of its various advantages. This innovative web development language can be used to build, test and deploy innovative apps and websites. It makes testing websites on multiple devices and browsers easy.

Leveraging skilled PHP developers can prove to be worthwhile for a company. In this digital age, maintaining a strong digital presence is essential. That’s why having a website or app is crucial. Every company needs to outsource or hire a PHP development company to stand apart in the crowd. By recruiting PHP developers, a business can create innovative websites. Their digital supervision and knowledge aid in developing the best possible solution. This article lists the top five companies that are leaders in PHP development in 2022 and beyond. Hire Full stack PHP developers from AIMLEAP or Full Stack Techies for your project requirements to be a part of the evolution.

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