Want DevOps Architects? Expertise Checklist For AWS, Jenkins, And Lambda

Page Updated On September 23, 2022
DevOps Architect

A DevOps architect plays a critical role in software development. They are engaged in planning, coding, and infrastructure management along with various aspects of development. A DevOps architect often creates a systematic solution that meets the highest technical, operational, and managerial requirements. They create a well-organized solution by analyzing the vast system environment and choosing an application framework to address the system’s problems. A business can significantly benefit from hiring a DevOps architect to develop functional software. It is because such an architect is responsible for creating the framework, which is the major backbone for development.

A DevOps architect must be capable of dealing with all challenges by applying DevOps best practices-compliant strategies. In general, they must have prior experience as a software developer, software architect, or similar position. DevOps architects are in high demand since they thoroughly understand all DevOps stages and ideas and provide in-depth test automation services. They have hands-on expertise with DevOps, operations, configuration, and leadership roles, among other things. Using Jenkins services, a DevOps architect can maintain continuous delivery and deployment of software. Knowledge of this tool, along with many others, is important for an architect who can provide high-quality services to various companies.

Checklist for hiring a DevOps architect:

A DevOps architect is responsible for balancing the overall process of software development. They introduce methods, tools, and required methodologies to ensure a smooth development life cycle. They ensure all stages, from coding to deployment, to maintenance and updates, are done without hassle.

According to industry research, DevOps skills were among the top 3 high-demand skills in development. As per Stack Overflow’s 2022 Developers Survey, 59.35% of developers are skilled in DevOps functions.

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Choosing the right architect among these developers is crucial for a business. Using Jenkins services and other tools helps these architects ensure efficient designing and delivering practices and technical operations. However, before recruiting such an architect, it is important to have a look at the checklist of skills for Jenkins, AWS, and Lambda that are desirable in a DevOps architect.
How to Hire DevOps Engineer Guide

1. AWS Cloud Architecture

A DevOps architect makes sure there is coherency between the development and operations team so that efficient development and troubleshooting can be maintained. These architects lead the design and implementation of enterprise applications and build platforms and frameworks for consistent and automatic management of apps. These days DevOps engineers or architects must have a thorough working knowledge of cloud architecture like AWS. By utilizing Jenkins services, DevOps architects can easily integrate various AWS processes, including AWS CodeCommit, AWS CodeDeploy, Amazon EC2 Fleet, etc.

AWS DevOps enables application development teams to deploy continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) in a cost-effective manner. This allows them to save and version application source code safely, as well as automatically create, test, and deploy the application to on-premises or AWS environments. DevOps architects can also execute feasible test automation services for AWS cloud architecture. Especially in terms of cloud computing, AWS would qualify as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Knowledge of Microsoft Azure is also a big plus. Outsource Jenkins services from a reputable company like AIMLEAP to ensure quality AWS cloud architecture.

2. CI/CD DevOps Architecture

Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) is a crucial part of the job of a DevOps architect. Due to this, adequate knowledge and expertise of CI/CD architecture are necessary to manage and merge code changes in a central repository seamlessly. A developer might need to conduct this process several times a day during a development process. Automating the entire software release process is equally important, which can be done when an architect has a thorough knowledge of CI/CD architecture. One of the most popular tools for this architecture is Jenkins.

With more than 165,000 active installations and an estimated 1.65 million users around the world, leveraging Jenkins services is an ideal choice.

Comprehensive knowledge of Jenkins, its plugins, and complimentary tools are necessary to become an expert DevOps architect. These architects can also use AWS Lambda for developing serverless applications. Therefore, hire a DevOps architect from an excellent Jenkins company with suitable knowledge and skill sets of different architecture for secure development.

3. Scripting Skills

Knowledge of Linux fundamentals and scripting are some of the must-have skills for a DevOps architect. It is an extremely critical part of the job for a DevOps architect since scripting helps in the overall automation process in software development. When looking to hire, always make sure to check the scripting and, in broader terms, the coding skills of the applicants. Knowledge of at least one of Python, Java, or C# is highly desirable, along with some knowledge of Linux, Perl, and Shell as well.

Understanding scripting languages helps a DevOps architect to manually write codes, replacing a manual process like DNS codes or IP addresses apart from other tasks. Knowing how to use AWS Lambda for seamless function services or Jenkins Workflow plugins is useful for scripts. A business can benefit from outsourcing Jenkins services for a versatile scripting process. Jenkins uses a plugin called Groovy, which helps in Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Join hands with a test automation company to execute an effortless scripting process in development.

4. Automation

Experience with infrastructure automation tools is important for DevOps architects. Since there are various tech environments, knowledge of proper automation tools is necessary. Using this knowledge, a DevOps architect can automate tasks that are conducted traditionally. By using scripting languages like Ruby, Python, Bash, Node.js, etc., successful automation can be performed. A business can take advantage of automation since it would ensure consistent performance of software leading to saving time and money.

The knowledge of AWS Lambda comes in very handy when businesses are looking to automate various tasks. AWS Lambda gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to automating DevOps tasks and processes. It can be used to automate the processes for backup, generating reports, batch log processing, etc. For high-level projects like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), DevOps architects can use suitable tools by Jenkins to create a balance between the technology infrastructure to match it to human behavior. Engage with robotic process automation companies like AIMLEAP to receive quality Jenkins services among others for efficient automation.

5. Containers

Knowledge of containers is also necessary for a DevOps architect. Businesses make use of containers to swiftly build hybrid applications, package batch processing operations, and scale machine learning models. If a business wants to scale its applications, hiring a DevOps architect with the right skills like understanding Containers is essential. The ability to use AWS Cloud Kubernetes, a highly popular container tool, is preferred by many businesses.

Apart from that, AWS’s container services, which are integrated with AWS, are also popular. It is because they take advantage of the AWS cloud’s breadth and depth, from networking to security to monitoring.

Nearly 80% of all containers in the cloud run on AWS today.

Companies like GoDaddy, Samsung, and Expedia choose to run their containers on AWS because of its high security, reliability as well as scalability. The capability to utilize containers in Jenkins services is also an integral skill favored by many businesses. Knowledge of containers can help in ensuring well-maintained test environments for proper development. So, engage with a test automation company to experience quality test automation services using containers.

6. IT Operations

Logging, monitoring, and alerting are all common terms used to describe IT operations. These are the things a business will need in order to operate, run, or manage production systems properly. A DevOps architect plays a crucial role in troubleshooting and resolving IT issues for maintaining smooth IT operations. Experience troubleshooting operating systems like Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, CentOS, and Windows can prove significantly valuable. Familiarity with common middleware software like web servers including Tomcat, Apache, and Node.js is important.

A DevOps architect should make sure that an application and the servers it operates on have the right monitoring, logging, and alerting mechanisms in place. That’s why knowledge of database administration is essential for such developers. Look for an architect who knows how to use data stores such as PostgreSQL and MySQL, MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, etc. Invest in test automation services from a trusted test automation company like AIMLEAP to evaluate the smooth functioning of IT operations.

7. Security

A DevOps architect is responsible for ensuring security and rapidity across a company. Inspecting automation, version control and overall security of software is one of the most crucial tasks for such a developer. A DevOps architect should be capable of writing highly secure codes immune to various attacks in XSS and SQL, etc. Hire a certified DevOps architect from a reliable test automation company to elevate the security and testing process.

Having proficient knowledge of Identity and Access Management (IAM), a service that allows specifying which services and users have access to which resources. This key skill is highly desirable along with an understanding of how to use Security Groups and Access Control Lists to secure a business’s networks. Automating security controls, governance processes and compliance validation becomes easier. Using AWS or Jenkins, the option of conjuring global security helps in added security within the software. Avail Jenkins services to implement a high level of security for your business applications.

8. Data Handling

DevOps architects must possess the ability to handle data seamlessly. Whether it is a simple or complex data set, these developers should be able to utilize different tools and frameworks to manage or merge data as required. This is why a thorough understanding of data storage fundamentals is crucial. Every DevOps architect can understand how and when to use databases. AWS provides a wide range of data storage options. A competent cloud architect must be able to determine when to employ the right storage option in AWS.

When looking to hire a DevOps architect, it is important to understand if the architect is able to use simple yet powerful data handling. From using S3 to relational database services (RDS), a DevOps architect possesses a lucrative skill set. The right architect can help a business analyze databases’ different capabilities, performance, and price and choose the right option for storing the company’s data. With AWS Lambda, a DevOps architect can normalize data, add metadata and perform various other functions. Jenkins is another useful tool that helps in continuous integration and delivery in data handling. Outsource Jenkins services from an outstanding Jenkins company that provides experienced DevOps architects capable of handling any kind of data.

9. Troubleshooting

The ability to efficiently troubleshoot errors is another critical skill for a DevOps architect. Such an architect is able to practice good communication and understand areas of problem. By documenting the issue and dividing problem space, the architect can solve and debug errors in the software development process. Knowledge of troubleshooting errors in different layers of development along with identifying issues by examining the container logs can help eliminate many problems.

A business can benefit by working with a skilled DevOps architect who can deliver significant value to their customers. Since DevOps reduces development life cycle time with error elimination, it speeds up the time to market the software. Hire a skilled DevOps architect from a test automation company like AIMLEAP to experience quick troubleshooting and enjoy continuous improvement.

10. Soft Skills

When looking to hire a DevOps architect, evaluating their soft skills are as necessary as their technical knowledge. One of the foremost soft skills required by every DevOps architect is great communication in order to interact with other teams. Since operations and development teams are involved in software development, efficient communication is the key to maintaining a balance. Great communication skill also helps avoid any misunderstanding in terms of development and helps in the timely release of the software. This skill is extremely helpful in cultivating positive relationships with businesses and customers.

Since a DevOps architect delivers value to customers, having a customer-first mindset is crucial. This mindset can help the architect comprehend the key requirements of a project and deliver the exact results. By maintaining a transparent development process, a DevOps architect can look at the bigger picture and focus on innovative digital transformation. Collaboration and being able to work in a team are also extremely critical for such architects. Teamwork helps the architect seamlessly execute the development process and perform code reviews to write acceptance tests. The ability of problem-solving and cross-functional skills come into use when executing complicated projects. That’s why DevOps architects have a solid understanding of projects and stay updated regarding new tools and technology. Work with a DevOps architect with the capability of soft as well as technical skills to fast-track a business.

So, before wrapping up this article, let’s assess some of the best certifications for DevOps architects.

The most popular certifications for DevOps architects

Popular DevOps Certifications

1. Docker Certified Associate

The DCA certification awarded by Docker helps a DevOps architect understand the application architect and system administrator. A developer gains the ability to use Docker to its full potential and adopt new structures and tools for smooth development.

2. Certified Kubernetes Administrator

Having a Kubernetes certification helps a developer to reach an expert level in using Kubernetes. This certification is proof that a DevOps architect is capable of managing application lifecycle management and ability to implement the core concepts of DevOps to achieve maximum proficiency.

3. Microsoft Certified Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

his certificate aids a DevOps architect to be proficient in using Azure and easily implement various technical tasks.

4. AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

With this certificate, a DevOps architect further enhances their skills and achieves the ability to automate testing and deployment of AWS architecture and applications.

5. Google’s Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Having this certificate enhances a developer’s ability to balance service reliability and delivery speed of the overall development operations.


A DevOps architect plays an integral role in the software development process. Outsourcing DevOps engineers can not only decrease the operational cost of a business but also increase productivity and increase time efficiency. Before hiring a DevOps, it is essential to cross-check if they possess certain skill sets required for being an efficient architect. Knowledge of AWS and CI/CD architecture is extremely crucial since they form the base of continuous improvement.

A DevOps architect should be capable of handling different types of data and performing swift automation and troubleshooting. Ensuring the security of software and knowledge of containers is also considered integral for such architects. So, look out for the checklists mentioned above of skills when you look to hire DevOps architects for your project. Avail of test automation services and Jenkins services from the best Jenkins company like AIMLEAP. Leverage certified DevOps architects with consistent knowledge of various DevOps tools and technology to boost your business growth.

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