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Page Updated On December 25, 2022
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The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the business industry on a massive scale. It posed an immense number of challenges not only to the technology industry but also to the whole of humankind. Overnight, countries shut down and lockdowns were implemented for half of 2020.

A large number of businesses had to shut down or suffered losses. A lot of traditional businesses had to go completely online, and a large number of people had to adapt to working online from remote locations.

The changing dynamics of working conditions has led employers to look for candidates with more digital skills. The need for diverse tech teams is now required more than ever. Engaging with a PHP development company can be an ideal choice for companies looking to boost their software business.

To emerge stronger from the pandemic, companies need to start reskilling their workforces. To adapt to changing conditions, companies need to hire relevant software companies or developers to fulfill their respective business visions.

By recruiting a reliable development team, various projects can be completed within a given timeline and budget. Many companies have opted for outsourcing to bridge the talent gap resulting in significant growth and development.

According to Deloitte, the outsourcing business is predicted to rise by $6.8 million by the end of 2023.

Various other factors have also impacted the hiring aspects of a software company or developer which will be discussed in this article.

How did the pandemic change the way we look to hire a software company or a developer?

The pandemic put a pause on investments in technology across various industries. It led to the disruption in maintaining the supply of technology talent.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in software development is projected to rise by 22%.

Google frequently removes low-quality material from its app store, so the actual number of applications keeps fluctuating. If you want to make a mark with your Android app, then you need to have a brilliant mobile app idea and access to the team that can provide life to that idea. Developing an Android app means entering into a new world of tough competition. One mistake can cost you the game.

Your app may be innovative in terms of concept, but if there isn’t a market demand for it, you’ll struggle to attract downloads. Your journey of launching a successful business app starts when you hire an Android coder. The right app development team can help you expand your foot in the market. If you choose to hire an Android developer from India, you’ll be provided with world-class Android app development services. 

However, many companies are struggling to find adequate skilled software developers to fill in the positions. That’s why many companies have already shifted their focus to outsourcing.

Outsourcing not only provides companies with a wide talent pool but also helps in saving 70% to 90% on recruitment cost.

It also aligns with the different factors that have impacted the hiring process. So, let’s dive into understanding the top 5 factors of how the pandemic has changed the way we hire a software company or developer.
Php Development Company

1. Increased Demand For Remote Working

The COVID-19 pandemic accentuated the importance of working remotely. Because of the repeated waves of the pandemic, companies across the world were forced to shut down. That’s why shifting to an online mode of working provided various businesses the scope to continue their functioning.

As per Capital Counselor, the IT industry is a leader in outsourcing and accounts for about 50% of the global outsourcing market and is forecasted to increase in the future.

Companies now see the benefits of remote working which include flexible schedules, cost-effectiveness, and a wider talent pool to hire from. By joining hands with a reliable PHP development company that understands a company’s business objectives, obstacles can be turned into opportunities. Outsourcing makes it easier to choose from various developers.

Hire dedicated developers from Full-Stack Techies and easily choose a dedicated team model or individual developers based on their experience and seniority. Developers from this company can execute simple to complex projects in a remote setting hassle-free, making it easier for companies to elevate their development process. So, now businesses can cater to the increased demand for remote work without sacrificing the quality of the work done.

2. Hiring On Project Basis

The shift in outsourcing because of the pandemic has allowed many businesses to choose how they can execute a project. According to Gartner, 32% of companies are engaging talent on a project basis instead of having full-time employees.

By hiring developers per project, many companies can reduce costs and engage developers only when there is a requirement. This is not possible with an in-house team. However, with outsourcing, companies can benefit from the best of both worlds.

The need for choosing knowledgeable developers who are well-versed in different programming languages is integral for a seamless development process. Apart from that, having basic project management and teamwork skills is essential as well. By outsourcing from a reliable PHP development company, a business can hire dedicated PHP developers. This allows the business to execute various development projects according to its timeline.

Some companies incorporate project basis hiring along with the extended team model where in-house team members work with remote developers to deliver a project. Therefore, work with a PHP development company like Full-Stack Techies to seamlessly manage your hiring per project.

3. Hybrid Collaborative Work Environment

The pandemic has brought in the culture of hybrid working conditions in the majority of industries. That means when looking to hire a team or a developer, companies look for individuals who excel at communication and team collaborations. Here the key is to be open to flexible working hours and be proficient with various tools used for collaboration.

Although a hybrid work environment has productivity, it also comes with certain disadvantages. In some instances, if the developer is not good at communication, it can create an issue in collaboration.

By outsourcing from a trustworthy PHP development company, companies can avoid any issues in the development process. With a skilled PHP development company in India like Full-Stack Techies, remote employees can be hired based on their years of experience or level of expertise. By choosing the developer of choice, a company can engage in delivering a project as per their requirements.

With a hybrid work environment, a business can maintain a balance between project quality and speed since the team or developers work in close collaboration. This work environment is indeed a huge advantage with expert developers who can deliver the required deliverables within time and budget.

4. Increased Importance Of Adaptability

An important factor when looking to hire a software company or developer is to see if they are adaptable. The ability to multitask and adapt according to the needs of the project or the environment is integral to today’s business functioning.

In the post-pandemic era, companies want developers who can work on multiple technologies and can adapt to changing demands and priorities of the business. These developers are in great demand because of their flexibility since they can prioritize tasks and deliverables and execute a project successfully.

It is essential to work with a development company that understands a business’s needs and can adapt to fulfill its requirements. For instance, for any PHP project, a reputable PHP development company can cater to a business’s development needs. Be it a project from scratch, or conducting changes after deployment, a developer needs to be versatile in meeting the project challenges.

According to the changing demands of consumers, the need for changes in a development project can come up at any time. Hire dedicated PHP developers from an established PHP development company to meet such changing demands and technicalities of a project with ease.

5. Diversity And Inclusion

After the pandemic, it has become evident that a diverse team of developers can help in executing a development project in a better manner. According to Harvard Business Review, individuals from diverse backgrounds alter the behavior of a group’s social majority. It leads to improved and accurate group thinking.

Cognitively diverse teams can aid in the faster and more efficient resolution of problems, which is a major priority for any development project. Due to this, it is important to incorporate diversity and inclusion when looking to hire a software company or developers for a business’s projects.

While hiring, companies look to build a diverse team not only in skill set but also in education, and ethnicity. It also makes it easier to position oneself as an inclusive brand with great business culture, as well as to retain and recruit fresh quality people.

Most importantly, diversity impacts a project’s quality significantly since a problem is looked at from different angles leading to a more accurate solution. Hire a PHP development company like Full-Stack Techies where you can choose skilled developers who are highly skilled in different programming languages along with other relevant skills.

A company looks for various key factors when hiring a software company or developers. Apart from that, businesses also look for developers well versed in certain technologies and skills. Although a developer need not know every technology in the following list, it is an added advantage if they have sufficient knowledge of them.

So,what are the technologies and skills companies are looking for in software developers in 2022?

Php Development Company

1. Blockchain:

One of the most popular and steadily rising technologies is blockchain. The growth of the partnership between blockchain technology and Web3 is forecasted for 2022. That’s why the demand for blockchain developers is significantly increasing.

Various developments including creating system records and securing blockchain architectures for digital transactions, cryptocurrencies, and supply chains are performed by blockchain developers. They also maintain client and server-side applications and design application features. Their skills in computer networking, algorithms, cryptography, and data structures are what make them high in demand.

2. DevOps:

A DevOps engineer plays a multi-faceted role since they have a combined knowledge of technical skills as well as soft skills. The need for such developers increased after the pandemic because of their enhanced skill sets. DevOps engineers can bridge the gap between development and operation teams by combining software development and IT operations leading to high software quality.

These engineers collaborate with software developers, IT staff, and SysOps to ensure all codes are released and deployed. Therefore, knowledge of DevOps technologies is one of the core skills required by most software development companies.

3. AR/VR:

The field of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) garnered record sales in 2020 with US $12 billion and 2021 with $27.96 billion. The industry is projected to further gain the US $252.16 billion by 2028. With developments in gaming, 80% of the revenue is generated from the gaming industry alone.

Developers with knowledge of AR/VR can have strong programming language skills, video, and sound production skills along with UI/UX knowledge. They can utilize their knowledge and skills to create a supreme digital experience leading to their growing demand.

4. Low Code:

As per Gartner, low code will account for 65% of all software development work by 2024. That indicates a major shift in the way software is developed post the pandemic where companies are looking to build software, which is more user-friendly, easier to build, and easier to use.

With full-fledged digital transformation, especially after the pandemic, developers who can use low code are in high demand. From developing custom applications to data collection, designing workflows to executing various development projects, developers with knowledge of LCNC technologies can execute it all.

5. UX/UI Designing:

The UI/UX job market is expected to rise around 14.9% over the next decade. With changing customer perception, the focus on UX/UI is on the rise. Applications and software that provide perfect user experience, have an engaging design with easy navigation and gain high customer satisfaction. Developers experienced in UX/UI designing can use this skill to their advantage besides programming.

This work profile includes an individual to be proficient in coding tools like JavaScript to generate personalized data-based visualizations. Companies look for developers with additional skills and knowledge of UX/UI tools since they can manage the design as well as the development of an application.


The global pandemic changed the process of how businesses functioned. Traditional work environments have shifted to a more online and hybrid mode to cater to social distancing and manage the spread of COVID-19. Due to this, various factors have influenced the hiring process of software companies or developers. Outsourcing has been a major game changer for many industries, especially the IT industry.

By outsourcing from an expert PHP development company, businesses could continue functioning. Despite the focus on remote work, outsourcing has enhanced project base hiring where a company can hire developers from different backgrounds. The changed scenario has also increased companies hiring flexible and adaptable developers who can execute various projects with ease.

The post-pandemic era is observing the continuing trend of remote and hybrid work. That’s why hiring a developer with a multitude of skill sets is necessary. The developer needs to possess hard skills like knowledge about various programming languages, databases, and APIs along with soft skills like the ability to clearly communicate and problem-solving skills.

Hire dedicated PHP developers from an experienced PHP development company like Full-Stack Techies to get the results you want. Developers from this company are also well versed in various new-edge technologies and skills that benefit a company and help them in faster and more productive development processes.

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